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Golfers of all skill level s have one thing in common, regardless of whether you’re a beginner or a multiple major championship winner; you share the same desire to continually improve your golf game. Being an equipment tester for THP I am lucky to be able to hear about and test a lot of different products. Everything from drivers to wedges come my way for testing and each time I’m hopeful that the product I’m working with is the answer to finally shaving strokes off my scores. Most of the time this, unfortunately, doesn’t happen. Sure there have been improvements here or there, but never usually enough to really get my golf game to another level. Another great part about my job as equipment tester is that not everything I get to review comes in the form of a golf club, or even a piece of equipment really. The latest review might just finally be the answer I’ve been looking for, Impact Solutions For Golf. A training and practice aid. I’m one of those golfers who love to practice, so I couldn’t wait to get started. Let’s see if it works!

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About the company:
Impact Solutions For Golf was invented and designed by Michael Brisbane, PGA and he is the Director of Instruction at the Azalea City Golf Course in Mobile, AL. Michael is a one man show for this product; his instructional video is a self-shot video of him explaining and using Impact Solutions For Golf.

Product Description from the website:
The Impact Solutions For Golf training and practice aid is made from laminated corrugated cardboard, to make a durable yet forgivable swing guide. It provides instant feedback when you make an incorrect swing. Using the Impact Solutions For Golf, you will learn to repeat the proper impact position in the full swing, pitch shots, and putts. The Impact Solutions For Golf forces you into the proper impact position. This product will transform your entire golf game.

Using Impact Solutions For Golf:
Everything included you’ll get two pieces of cardboard that fit together to make a “T” that you’ll use to help train yourself on achieving the proper swing path for better impact with the golf ball. The device comes with a homemade DVD from Michael Brisbane where it is him, his tripod and Impact Solutions For Golf. In the video Michael explains exactly what his philosophy for this training aid is and then gives detailed instruction on how to use it. In the video you will learn how to use Impact Solutions For Golf to help you with all areas of your golf game. Long irons, short irons, pitch shots and even putting is addressed with examples showing you exactly how to take this aid to the range and do it yourself all in an effort to improve your ball striking without having to pay costly per hour fees for a teaching professional.

After watching the DVD I was ready to try it for myself. I went out to the driving range a bit concerned whether or not I’d be able to hit the ball the way Michael described in the video. The position of the ball in relation to this piece of cardboard did not seem like it would be enough room for me to actually hit the ball without completely tearing about the vertical cardboard in the process. But like the DVD explained for me to do, I took a few small swings to get used to it being in the spot it was and before long I was able to swing exactly how Michael Brisbane suggests in the DVD. The horizontal cardboard piece lays behind you as a way to get your takeaway and downswing on the proper path and the vertical board is there to keep you from swinging “over the top”, “inside out”, or “outside in”; all killers that most of us have experienced on our way to attempting to achieve the kind of swing we see from our favorite professional golfers we watch on TV.

As I said, Impact Solutions For Golf was designed to help with many different shots, not just the full shots that I started out working on, but pitch shots as well. I found the aid to be helpful in the full shot for sure, I really liked how I was swinging nice and easy and on the right plane. Lately I had been struggling with missing shots short and right of target but using Impact Solutions For Golf helped get my swing back on plane to eliminate this miss after the first time I used it. After being very excited about seeing my shot shape improvements with just one practice session of full shots I took to the practice green for some pitching. Here is one area that I had to adapt just a bit outside of how the DVD explains to use this when hitting pitch shots. I don’t usually pick up my wedges quite as quickly as Impact Solutions For Golf would like me to, therefore I found myself hitting the horizontal board on my take away. I did manage to adjust my swing to be able to hit pitch shots how Michael instructed me to, but to me it just didn’t feel quite right. This will take some added work on my part, but I do intend to make the necessary adjustments to hit my pitch shots like the device was intended, hopefully this will help me become more efficient with my greenside chips.

The last part of the game that the company describes being effective for is putting. Now while the product has performed just as expected and described so far I just could not get comfortable using this as an aid for my putting stroke. I kept on getting the sense that I was putting with a putter connected to a rail and was unable to get comfortable with the straight back and straight through stroke. I know there are people out there that will not have a problem with this aid in putting as there are a lot of golfers that utilize the type of putting stroke that the company helps you with, however, it just wasn’t really my favorite in this one category.

Overall I am really glad that I have had the opportunity to test and use this training aid. I know that it will continue to be valuable for me as I try to get my golf swing to that next level. Impact Solutions For Golf is something that golfers of every skill level can benefit from without having to pay the expensive fees that teaching professionals charge. This training aid allows you to use it on your own and at your own pace. I definitely see value in owning this product. Many of us know that as hard as getting your swing down once can be, it’s just as difficult to keep it there. Having the ability to pull out this training aid many times over for multiple training sessions will be a very valuable resource to have. As I said earlier, I’ve tested several pieces of equipment and none of them have the long lasting promise of better golf…until now.

Impact Solutions For Golf is available online at for a cost of $39.95 plus $10 shipping. (Or about half as much as just one hour long session with a teaching professional)

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