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The unknown is all that is known right now as it pertains to the remainder of the 2014 season for Tiger Woods. With the final major of the season on deck, and the injury forcing him to leave the tournament today, it could mean an abrupt end to a rather interesting year for the former world #1. His results look rather unimpressive and of course are in place due in part to the back surgery that took him out of play.


The year so far featured a tie for 80th, tie for 25th, 69th, missed cut and 2 withdraws. Hardly the stat line you would see from arguably the greatest ever. Fans flock to the injury, detractors flock to the swing and his rough stretches since partnering with Sean Foley. The only thing the golf world knows for sure right now is that the dominant Tiger Woods of old is not here and may not be here for quite some time.

Most would agree that Tiger needs to become healthy again before making the jump back to competitive golf. While this most likely pulls him from the Fedex Cup, the Ryder Cup and the final major of the year, it does give him the ability to return to the spotlight at the right time when the game is in check.

During today’s telecast, Sir Nick Faldo said “Most come back at 80% and swing at 80% until they work their way back into form. Woods came back and went at shots from the rough at what appeared to be 100% and it might have cost him”. Based on what has been seen, that statement feels quite accurate and coming back this early for the Open Championship and the WGC Bridgestone may have cost Tiger Woods the ability to compete in the PGA Championship at a course he has won it previously.

What do you think will happen? How will the rest of the year play out? Will we see a fresh Tiger Woods make a return in 2014 or is 2015 the return date? Lastly, will Sean Foley still be with his star pupil? Join us in the THP Forum here to discuss the latest on Tiger Woods.

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  1. tpluff says:

    I think he needs to turn the page on this year and start with a clean slate. That means a clean bill of health through not playing until he is fully and completely healthy. It also entails getting a new swing coach as his stuff has been absolutely terrible this year, and really since PGA last year. I don’t think he is mentally ready to quit, but his body might be saying something different.

  2. T0AD says:

    I would agree 100% with going at it so hard. I’ve even mentioned it before in the forum that I just don’t understand swinging SO hard and outside the limitations of your body. There’s no way you can maintain that for any length of time; he’s not 24 anymore. That’s a young man’s way to play, so just deal with it and lighten up a bit. He’s good enough short that even if he’s not the longest driver out there, he can still be dangerous.

  3. Jman says:

    I think we see him shut it down after trying to go at it next week, I really do. From there though he will realize the Ryder Cup isn’t feasible or the best thing and then start looking to 2015.

    As to the swing, something has to change, or someone, but we shall see there. What is most telling to me is he appears vulnerable and no one is intimidated by him out there anymore and I think he knows it.

  4. T2GRN18 says:

    I’m hopeful that he will shut it down for the year. The end of an era is coming for sure, but I’d hate to see it due solely on injury. For everything he’s meant for golf is love to see him now out gracefully.

  5. #Cookie says:

    I think he’s done for 2014 and while I would like to see him in top form for 2015 I’m just not sure it can happen with what we saw from this last recovery.

    The back just doesn’t mess around…..and I ain’t even touching the swing aspect of this (re: Foley).

  6. Freddie Kong says:

    I hope he shuts it down until 2015. I hope he seals council for what ever demons are eating at him. I hope he makes his meetings with another top teacher permanent and I hope he returns to form.

  7. Trout Bum says:

    He’s got to get right mentally, physically, and spiritually in order to contend again. I have no idea what it will take him to get there but I hope he finds it, as a fan I hate seeing him at this level.

  8. Pkielwa says:

    I’m not so sure he shuts it down. Like Rory’s “toothache”, I wonder if the bad round was really the problem and the back gave him an excuse to leave. Just gut reaction.

    But, I’d also like him to go from “toothache” to Major Champion like Rory has. I genuinely enjoy watching Tiger play, and I do watch because he’s playing. I hope he takes whatever time he needs to get things right again.

  9. Bob says:

    I don’t understand all the Foley haters. The coach did not cause Tiger’s injury and you have to look no further than two of his other top golfers under his instruction, Justin Rose, Hunter Mahan and I don’t see them with any injuries not to mention they’re pretty darn good golfers.

  10. The Hackers Paradise says:

    I think that is for a myriad of reasons (none of which is right or wrong). One could say Sean O’Hair was a failed “experiment” if looking for Foley detractors. But further digging could suggest that Tiger made this move partly to find a swing that his body could hold up with. That has not happened at least partially.

    When golfers watch a star like Tiger Woods have the success that he had with both Harmon and Haney and then make such a drastic switch to Foley and not win a major since that switch, or win at anything near the clip he was winning at before that switch, it will always make you wonder.

    I think it is less about Foley and more about where the greatness has gone for many of these. Looking at other Foley students and saying “well they are good” is just part of it. They are not in the same ball park during this type of conversation, and neither has regressed as much as Woods has since the switch.

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