Inside SKLZ Headquarters Reveals The Unexpected


Recently on the THP Forum, readers were asked to share their thoughts about the brand SKLZ and to describe their feelings on the products in two words. Clicking here will take you to that discussion to see the thoughts of the core golfers on the company as a whole. THP decided to share that information straight with the source and peak behind the curtain and see what is going on at the company headquarters.

Not As It Seems
Upon entering the large steel and glass front doors, you are greeted with the looks of a modern industrial type of place that wreaks of innovation. The large building is divided into two sections, both equally impressive. Despite being connected by a large opening, one side of the building features SKLZ innovation and the other side is bursting with fitness and energy and that is where EXOS is stationed. A few years back, the two companies formed a unique partnership that appears to be working in perfect harmony. EXOS is a leader in integrated training, nutrition, and physical therapy for elite and professional athletes. Two halves coming together (despite operating separately) in a shared building full of performance and innovation.

The symetry is everywhere you look inside the glass doors and is a complete 180 from what the expectations were heading in.


Taking A Walk
THP was greeted by Nicole Roberts, the Communications Manager, and taken on a tour that would make even the most die hard sports fans blush with excitement. As you walk through the SKLZ side of the building, there are a number of things that stand out such as the offices made to look like ball park luxury suites, technology meetings happening around every corner and of course the sheer number of professional athletes that are pictured everywhere that rely on the goods they offer.

Glass doors to Exos

Down a large staircase that overlooks the main area of SKLZ wall of innovation, the large glass door takes you over to the EXOS side of the building. As you walk through the doors, you are immediately presented with what looks like the workout room for olympic athletes. Every piece of equipment that you would ever imagine, as well as diet and nutrition being formulated for those in attendance. While on this side, we learned a bit more about targeted golf training to strengthen areas that are perfect for golfers looking for more distance as well as stability and balance.


Throughout the entire tour, each time a left or a right was made, there was more amazement and the last turn topped them all. Having driven past this building hundreds of times while visiting golf companies in Carlsbad, I would have never guessed what was behind the cement wall on the backside of the SKLZ offices. The glass doors opened and the California sun was blinding and after the eyes finished adjusting to the brightness, an artificial turf football field is in front of you. Combine season for aspiring football players are preparing at EXOS facilities across the country and this one is no different.


The Takeaway
What started out as a curiosity behind the brand that makes performance aids that most golfers have seen in stores everywhere, turned into something that was special. Learning more about a brand that continues to innovate in many sports categories, but particularly golf and partnering with some of the biggest names in sports to accomplish that goal. The words “Training Aid” do not do justice to the people behind the brand and the goals they have in place and THPers should be on the lookout for future of the company. Between fitness and training the brand has made a commitment to help golfers of all skill levels and their future looks bright with the previews we saw first hand.

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