The Iron Experience with Ben Hogan Golf

El Campeon, one of the premier courses in Central Florida will be the backdrop to a weekend to remember for Ben Hogan fans. If you are looking for information on the new irons, along with the company as a whole, you have come to the right place.

Beginning today, a handful of THP Forum members will be with both engineering and marketing from Ben Hogan Golf for a weekend filled with golf, education and of course equipment. Each participant will be armed with a brand new set of irons of their choosing, fit to their specs and put them in play all weekend long. It wouldn’t be a THP Event if they have to give them back, so at the completion of the weekend, the set is theirs to keep to continue reviewing in our online community.

Just because you are not in attendance, does not mean you cannot be there with us. Click here to head over to the live update thread on the THP Forum and follow along all weekend long as the participants learn all about their irons and the company as a whole.

Buckle up, because it is going to be a crazy ride for the next few days and there will be a ton of knowledge dropped in this thread. Join us for the tech talk, but stay for the fun. It is fast and furious with a lot of information being shared you will not find anywhere else.

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