Is Under Armour Buying Acushnet?

A few weeks ago, the internet was buzzing with rumors and truths that Fortune Brands, the company that owns Acushnet announced that they would be selling off the golf industry giant. Since that time, not a day goes by that a new company is mentioned as the place that will land this iconic giant.

Well as the year is coming to an end, THP keeps hearing the same name as that the front runner in obtaining Acushnet and it is none other than Under Armour. At this point, these are still rumors, but sometimes where there is smoke there is fire. THP has always thought the buyer would come from Asia, but this does make for an interesting twist and certainly would surprise us quite a bit. What are your thoughts? Is it a good fit? Do you think it will take place?

You can sound off in the THP Forum on the subject right here.

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  • well, that means under armour is now going to be anywhere and everywhere! it seems like a good fit for sure but we shall see.

  • I think this is a great idea for them. I would be interested to see how things would change with the brand.

  • I don’t really think it’s a good “fit” but it does make sense. UA, in my opinion is trendier and “hipper” than Titleist. When a person thinks of Titleist, they don’t really think of a younger crowd, at least I don’t, but when I think of UA I do. Mixing these two is good though that it would mix up demographics. But like TC said, we shall see.

  • Every UA garment I’ve purchased is great quality, looks and feels good and they use quality fabrics. They have really made a place for themselves and it would seem, for good reason.
    Titleist products (Acushnet) have never let me down and of course they’re the “go to brand” for comparisons, again for good reasons.
    I can’t think of a solid reason why this wouldn’t work…but I doubt UA will be the only interested party. Lets watch and see what unfolds….I think it will be surprising and interesting.

  • Does anyone know why Fortune is selling Acushnet? I wasn’t warm to the idea at first but I think UA would be a good fit. Would they dissolve FootJoy though?

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