Jack Black Authentic & Original Men’s Care Product Review

Sometimes in life one has to spoil oneself every now and then to keep up with the mundane tasks of life. The morning routine of showering and getting ready for work becomes such a chore that we dread doing it each morning. What if I told you that certain products can be had that will turn these chores into more of a ritual than a task? Well, I might have that answer for you. Jack Black skin care line. No, its not the actor that we think about when we hear the name Jack Black, but rather a skin care line developed strictly for the man that wants something a little different (a little better).

Designed from the ground up, Jack Black was created to appeal to the Guy’s Guy. Keeping it simple with superior products specially formulated for a man’s needs. Nothing complicated. Nothing cosmetic. Just real solutions that provide immediate visible results. This line was created (believe it or not) by two women in April 2000 to fill a void that was in the marketplace. Something superior to what we have been using for years that came out of a can and had very little substance to it.

Founders Curran Dandurand and Emily Dalton came from large cosmetic company backgrounds to create a product from the ground up that is dedicated to the guy who cares about his appearance and understands the importance of a positive first impression. Largely undeserved by the skin care and cosmetics industry, the men’s category was indeed ready for a line of high quality, high performance products; a line designed to provide maximum results with minimal effort, free of confusion or complication.

After hearing from some readers about how much they loved this product line, we decided to get in touch with them. We spoke with Patricia Finn in Marketing at Jack Black and she got us some samples out to try. A few days later a box arrived with a few products to try out and I was thrilled to see that she complied with our request to gear these products towards things that the golf enthusiast would like to try out. In our test package came 5 products:
1. All-Over Wash – A product that is an “all in one” of sorts. Shampoo, Body Wash, and Face Wash all in one easy to carry around tube.
2. Industrial Strength Hand Healer – This non-greasy formula is perfect for anybody after a day on the course gripping the club.
3. Sun Guard Oil-Free Very Water/Sweat Resistant Sunscreen SPF 30 – The unique, oil-free lotion stays on in extreme conditions and won’t run or drip into eyes.
4. Sun Guard Ultra-Light Spray Sunscreen SPF 25 with Natural Citronella – A spray sunscreen with citronella.
5. Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25 – A lip balm that is perfectly suited for the golfers’ needs.

First up for us to try was the All-Over Wash for Face, Hair, & Body. It comes in a convenient 6 oz tube and will cut your shower time in half based on the fact that you are using one product to do the job of three. I popped open the top and the smell is invigorating. I can only describe it as “CLEAN” smelling. The lather and suds produced were like car wash soap there was so much of them. The product left me feeling clean, refreshed and ready to go about my day. It was a great feeling, but at the same time, not too fragranced to bother anyone. I can and will say that I noticed a dramatic difference in the way my skin felt compared to the run of the mill soap I am normally using.

2. The second item for us to demo was the Industrial Strength Hand Healer. I must admit, I was a little skeptical about this item when it arrived, as I had never used anything like this before. It came in a little 3 oz tube that I might keep in my golf locker full time now. After a round of golf, have you ever noticed that your hands feel a bit dry and it takes a few hours for them to feel right? If so, this is a product you must try. The product is a white pearl colored cream that is non-greasy and absorbs into your hands immediately. I used a dime sized amount and rubbed it in. The fragrance is a little hint of menthol or Eucalyptus and is not overpowering at all. You rub your two hands together and within seconds they feel wonderful. Not oily or slippery like a lotion would do. And definitely not sticky. Just “refreshed. This little gem is staying with me for years to come.

3. When it comes to sun products I must admit that I do not use them very often. That may be strange to most, because as many of you know, I live in sunny FL. But Jack Black was kind of enough to include two sunscreens for us to profile that I was very interested in trying. The first was the Oil-Free Water/Sweat Resistant Sunscreen that is SPF 30+. Now the reason I don’t wear sunscreens most of the time is because they are always a greasy mess. Well, this one is for sure different than anything I have every used. First off, it is fragrance free. It has virtually no smell whatsoever. Second off, it is not greasy at all. In fact, after you put it on your skin, within about 10 seconds, you don’t even know it is there. For any of our readers that use sunscreen or burn at all, this one is a must try. The second sunscreen they sent me, is one that I will definitely keep on using. It is UltraLight Spray with Citronella. It is SPF 25 and contains the same ingredient that those candles have in it that keep bugs away. In FL, where I play, lots of water means lots of mosquitoes and other flying insects. I tried this out this morning and not one bug ever came near me. It is a lighter solution than the previous product mentioned and goes on with just a spritz. It is also fragrance free, but because it contains Lemongrass and Spearmint, has a very light citrus mint smell. (I have to admit, it smells fantastic). Once again, within seconds of applying it, there was no residue left at all. This product is one that will stay in my golf bag for years to come. The last sun product that they included was an Intense Therapy Lip Balm that has a light scent of mint to it. Now I am not a lip balm user. But like I mentioned before, it was always because they just did not feel right on my lips. This one is a little different. It has a cooling sensation due to the natural mint and keeps your lips from drying out at all. The one thing about this product that I seemed to like a lot was the fact that I put it on as directed (30 minutes before going outside) and never had to reapply it again during the entire round. In fact the same can be said for all of the products that we tested for the sun.

Overall I was so happy that I got a chance to try this product line out, I went to the store and bought the Jack Black Beard Lube. I will be doing a review on that at a later time, but all I can say from first impression was WOW. This entire line has me extremely happy about something that used to just be mundane for me. I urge every one of my readers to try out at least one of their products so that you too can see what kind of difference it can make. In scanning their website I saw tons of products that I cannot wait to try. They even had something perfect for the frequent traveler called the Jet Set Pack. It is a four piece set of items that are all 1.5 oz. in size for people that travel. Give them a try and you will not be let down.

Jack Black products can be purchased at most upscale department stores and specialty stores. They can also be purchased online at www.getjackblack.com

We will be doing a giveaway on Jack Black products this week. We will have one of each of the products tested in this review given to one of our readers. All you have to do to get entered into the raffle is leave a comment in the comments box below and we will have a drawing at the end of the week. Don’t miss out on this one, as these products are a must try for everyone.
And also, don’t forget to check out Jack Black for their entire line of men’s care products and accessories.

Till Next Time
Josh B.

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