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When it comes to golf many will consider their style and image to be as important as the equipment they use. While new fashions come and go classic designs have remained strong. Take one look at a tour event and you’ll see a common feature among many of the touring professional’s bags, classic Jan Craig headcovers. Jan Craig headcovers are simply a quality, handmade product that can be customized with what seems an endless array of color combinations and styles. Whether you are looking for small or large poms, tassels, minimal or vibrant designs, Jan Craig will cater to the creative spirit in you.

While Jan Craig headcovers have been around for some time with a strong presence on elite tours throughout the world, the classic and traditional look of knit headcovers are becoming ever popular among every day players. Personally I have always been attracted to this aesthetic and own several types, styles, and brands of knit headcovers. My headcover experience has been one of mixed emotions and results. Whenever I order a set of headcovers there always seems to be an issue with the quality of the product, the material used and vibrancy of the yarn, but more importantly durability. Jan Craig headcovers meet all of these qualities. They are made of high quality wool, are handmade using beautiful and vibrant colors, and are a class product made right here in the United States of America.

While Jan Craig headcovers are symbolic of a long tradition in golf, they also carry a large price tag. A full size driver headcover with 8inch pom starts at $53.00 USD and depending on your label preference there are few extra costs attributed depending on if you prefer numerals (add $2.00 USD) or your initials (ranging from $2 to $6 USD). While designing your own Jan Craig headcover is not the cheapest project I feel that the extra money is well worth it considering the quality of the product you receive. Jan Craig’s nearest competitor, Rocket Tour, charges $30.00 USD for its headcovers and you can tell the difference almost instantly. Rocket Tour makes a nice product and I own several

covers but comparing the two are apples and oranges. Aesthetically they are on the same level but in terms of quality and durability Craig covers easily win the challenge. The quality of the materials used in Craig covers are 100% wool and handmade in the USA as supposed to Rocket Tour’s acrylic covers which are made in China. Personally I feel that the Craig headcovers are worth an extra $23 dollars knowing that I am getting a high quality and beautiful product handmade in the USA.

Dan D.

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  1. Smallville says:

    Good review Dan, but the price tag would keep me from ordering these.

  2. JB says:

    Good read. Nice comparison between the two companies.

  3. Golfer Gal says:

    Great review Dan D. I don’t really think that is too pricey for something that could last you 10 years. I would rather spend $53 once then spend $20 every year or two. Great read, I love the comparison.

  4. WSE says:

    Thanks for the review DD. No question they’re a beautiful, homegrown product. Once you get over the intial sticker shock, I can see how it would be very satisfying to have a set of these.

  5. Gatey says:

    Nice review, i have just ordered some pom poms from and i am excitedly awaiting their arrival, seem like a good compromise in preice and quality to the jan craigs- admittedly i havent seen them yet, if anyone knows more id be happy to hear!!!

  6. kaja says:

    any one interested in those for lower price??? contact, this lady used to work for them now she wants to make those more affordable. She is great!!!

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