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There are so many different methods, products, and ways to clean your equipment. Everyone has their own tried and true method and means to care for their gear so why not do a review on a product that says it can take care of everything but your golf swing? While checking out of my favorite local golf retail chain store, I picked up a product on an impulse buy with the thought of ‘I’m going to try this out and let the THP Members know how it goes.

About the product and the company
According to the package, the product claims that it can clean grips, shoes, and golf bags and that it ‘improves appearance & performance.’ More on these claims later. The wipes (25 of them) come in a very convenient container that easily fits into a golf bag, dashboard of your car, or your golf locker. The container distributes them one wipe at a time and the container is resealable to ensure the wipes retain their moisture. As a frame of reference, these are exactly the same concept and design to the wipes you use to clean your bathroom or interior of your car with. The product is distributed by Golf Gifts & Gallery which is a privately held company out of Powers Lake, WI.

How did it do?
I used the product on everything it said it would clean except my bag. I used the wipes to clean a pair of older shoes for the first test. Kind of like those commercials where the guy goes to a junkyard and finds the most sorry looking car to show how x product can bring it back to life? Well that’s what these shoes were and let me tell you, these wipes did the trick. The shoes look as good as new and you’d never know that these were my ‘wet and muddy’ golf shoes I use for when course conditions aren’t good. I used only one wipe per shoe and didn’t need to do anything but some light rubbing to get the desired results. No brushes, extra cleaners, nothing. Super convenient and efficient and definitely worth using before or after a round.

Next I used them on my grips. As I stated earlier, I know a lot of THP Forum Members (Including myself) have many different products and ways to clean their gear, especially their grips. Well add these to the list. These wipes did the trick just as fast as cleaning the shoes was. I’ve always been a scrub brush, soap and water with a magic eraser kinda guy but now with these, I think I’m going to save the soap and water for the dog. These instantly cleaned my grips and you can see the oil and dirt on the wipe for yourself. Once they dried there was noticeably more tackiness than the soap and water method which made them feel like they were just replaced and being used for the first time.

I didn’t have a chance to use the wipes on my golf bag as mine is synthetic material. But for those of you who carry staff bags, etc. these things will do the trick. If they can bring an old pair of golf shoes back to life, your staff bag will be the envy of those who don’t have one.

I was completely satisfied with the results of these wipes. The price I paid was $8 which is about 30 cents/wipe. Totally worth it. Look, we all spend good money for our equipment, apparel, etc. so why not make sure it looks it’s best at all times? Especially for those who do not buy new equipment every year and treat golf as an investment of more than just your time. It’ll make your stuff look like it’s brand new. The ease of use and the quality of the cleaning these wipes provide will make you want to clean your grips after every round before you throw your clubs back in your trunk. Actually, you could use these during the round too, especially on those hot and humid days where you may want the ‘fresh grip feeling’ for certain shots at those critical points in your round. Check your local golf retailer, favorite golf website that’s not called THP, or pro shop to see if they have this great product in stock. If they don’t, tell them to stock up. Maybe this is one impulse buy that you’ll be happy with like I am?

Todd H.

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