Jeff Ritter Golf App Review

In today’s world, smart phones are a pretty common accessory on the driving range or even the course. Please, have them on ‘silent’ or ‘vibrate’ though OK? But have you ever wished that you could use it to take your golf instructor’s lessons or advice to the course or range with you? Well there’s an app out there that takes one of golf’s top teachers and puts him in the palm of your hand. The new Jeff Ritter Golf iPhone app is a great way to take Jeff’s most popular lessons with you anywhere. But is it worth adding to your app library? Check it out.

Key Features

  • 5 free High Definition sample videos
  • Videos included are from Jeff’s popular YouTube series (+ 3 million views)
  • Quick video load time
  • Crystal clear, high quality audio

Initial Thoughts and Functionality

Before I get into my thoughts on the actual app, I thought it would be a good idea to give a little background on Jeff and his teaching methodology. Jeff’s teaching methods center around inspiration, body health, and ‘mental flexibility.’ He’s been seen on everything from ESPN, The Golf Channel, and Sirius XM Radio. Still not sold? OK, last year Golf Digest voted Jeff as one of its Best Young Teachers in America.

Now that you know a little about Jeff, let’s take a look at the app. The Jeff Ritter Golf iPhone app, JRG app for short, is a clean and simple to use app that has a lot of useful information stuffed into it. The free videos that are included with the app (which is free as well) include tips on chipping, pitching, putting, bunker play, and swing plane. Each of these items includes one free video, a detailed description called ‘Ritter’s Tip’ which describes what the topic is about, and a ‘Key Concepts’ section that gives a concise synopsis of the more detailed Ritter’s Tip.

In addition to the free videos and tips, there is also a catalog of additional videos at your disposal for a small fee. The tips mentioned above also have their own ‘collection’ where for just $2.99 you can download all the lessons associated with the collection. Depending on the collection that you’re looking at, you can end up with anywhere from 6 to 11 additional videos beyond what already comes with the app. If you were to download all of the collections, the total cost would be approximately $15. The great part is that you do not have to buy all of the collections if you’re only interested in 1 or 2 of the videos. Updates are even provided for the collections that you purchase as well! Take it all or only some of it? It’s like a golf buffet!

For me, the highlight of the JRG iPhone app is the inclusion of Jeff’s YouTube videos. I admit that prior to reviewing Jeff’s app I wasn’t all familiar with his YouTube lessons and instructions. After watching a few of them I was amazed at how some of the techniques he teaches relates to other sports that I’ve played. Some of his better videos surround Pre-Shot Routine, Inside Takeaway and Ball Position. Jeff’s style of teaching or instruction could benefit anyone who learns best by what I call ‘relational instruction’ by which a lesson is related to something else in order to provide an example. This style of teaching is what gets my brain into learning mode the fastest. Seeing his ‘Baseball Mentality’ video where a golfer applies a baseball hitter’s mentality to hit the golf ball (stance, swing, follow through) was a nice eye opener for me and gave me another way to think about how I swing. The app has this and more of Jeff’s YouTube teachings all at your disposal in one catalog for you to access for free. This feature alone makes the app a winner.


I think the Jeff Ritter Golf iPhone app is a handy app that any golfer with an iPhone should have. The app is free and comes with 5 basic lessons that serve as a building block of hopefully better things to come for your game. Along with the videos you have Ritter’s Tips, his Key Concepts, and access to his YouTube videos. All in one spot! If you really want to take your game to the next level, you can even contact Jeff directly to set up your very own instruction program as well. I don’t know of another golf instruction app that lets you contact the instructor directly so this is a big testimonial to me about how much Jeff cares about the user’s success. Due to the amount of content in the app, the size of the app is rather large (194MB) so make sure you have the space needed on your device prior to downloading. After making sure you have enough room, do yourself a favor and check out Jeff’s app to see if there is something that may cause something to ‘click’ for you and your game. Worse case is that it’s free to try and if you want more it’s inexpensive to add additional lessons. Click on over to to see what else Jeff has that may help you and your game.

T. Hanks

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