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Each week on THP, the Tour Spot takes an insider’s look into the bags of golfers on the different professional tours. One of the golfers in contention this weekend was Jerry Kelly and we wanted to give you some insight on the putter that he rode to great scores all weekend long.

Here is a look at WITB for Jerry Kelly

Driver – Cleveland Launcher DST Tour 8.5* w/ Oban Devotion 65
FW Woods – Titleist 906 F4 13*
Hybrids – Cleveland DST Launcher 15.5* w/ Miyazaki C. Kua 83
Irons – Cleveland CG1 Tour 3-PW
Wedges – Cleveland 588 53* & 60*
Putter – Cleveland Classic #3
Ball – Srixon Z-Star

So what makes the putter so unique? Well last year THP reported that Kelly was using the Cleveland Classic line off the rack and many figured it was some sort of publicity stunt. After all, why would a tour player use a $69 putter when they have tour vans and manufacturers at their finger tips to create custom designs for them? Fast forward a year and the same $69 putter is still in his bag and Kelly is continuing to putt incredibly well with it.

What are your thoughts? You can chat about it right here and see what others have to say about Jerry Kelly.

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  1. JNRadio says:

    it’s the Indian not the arrow…

  2. Ryan H. says:

    That’s my putter!

  3. Ted says:

    It’s the Indian AND the arrow!!!

  4. Joe says:

    He is not an Indian.

  5. BamaBris says:

    It is amazing when a certain club feels good you hit good shots. It speaks volumes for feel not advertising!

  6. Yoccos1981 says:

    I thought I saw a classics! This guy really won me over the weekend. A lot of fun to watch.

  7. Oregon Golfer says:

    If it’s good enought for him, it’s more than good enough for me.

  8. Wadester says:

    Great to see Jerry Kelly back at the top! The new Cleveland Drivers are awesome!

  9. Robert R.Clark says:

    I was rooting for him..great to see him back on form.

  10. Rob says:

    Price tag bears no significance to confidence. Jerry feels good with that blade and he’s sticking with it. Tiger has had the same Scotty forever and has gone back to it after experimenting with the Nike Method.

  11. Billy says:

    I think you’ll find it’s the Indian not the bow – assuming the metaphorical arrow in question is the ball. Smug smile.

  12. yo says:

    It’s the hype and price is certainly part of the hype of marketing … $ = cheap … $$$$$$$$ = awesome NOT! As many of THP articles and reviews point out it’s the feel; if you like the feel you play well.
    And by the way all these off-the-shelf clubs are made of the same materials in the same factories regardless of their retail price..the marketers just apply different prices and all of us idiots think $$$$$$$ =awesome = scratch scores NOT! And all those custom made clubs the pros use are made of the same materials and of course custom fitted. But if your not hung up and brand identy and price you can shop around and find an excellent off-the-shelf club at a reasonable price that will work real well for you! Say no to marketing hype!

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