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This is actually the second part of a two part review. During Spring Fashion Week ’09 we had the pleasure of speaking with a hilarious woman named Joanne who is the creator of an amazing women’s athletic apparel company called Jofit. If you had the chance to read the interview you will remember Joanne by her now famous phrase “armpit butt.” For those who don’t remember I will explain more about that a little later. First let me give you a little background into Jofit.

“Jofit was developed for female athletes by a female athlete. Style, comfort, color, fit and function make Jofit wearable on and off the course, gym and tennis courts.

Jofit founder Joanne Cloak launched the initial Golf line and found that other female athletes were also searching for the Jofit “fit”. As Jofit grows, our apparel continues to support the athlete in the female as well as the female in the athlete. Jofit slims, lengthens, flatters and performs.

Jofit is true to the sport. Our top garments are longer for a full swing and our bottom garments are fit for comfort and movement with a slimming style. Our fit is generous enough to be comfortable while fitted enough to be flattering.”

After my interview with Joanne I could not wait to try out the clothes. The day finally came and the package arrived, and all I can say is that it was absolutely worth the wait. Inside were three tops, a skort, and a jacket each one nicer then the next. Everything looked so great I didn’t know where to start. The first item I unwrapped was a black vest with a green and pink argyle print. If you have read any of my previous reviews you will know that I LOVE argyle. The material is cotton and spandex and feels like a sweater vest, perfect for the winter months. Since I live in Florida we don’t really have winter months I went a little nontraditional and instead of putting a long sleeved polo underneath I tried both a short sleeved polo and just a simple tank, both worked wonderfully. The bottom of the vest is fitted and has a slight vertical stripe patten and the top is a bit looser fitting. Because of the fit and design this top is extremely flattering and gives the appearance of a slim, tight, waistline. This is the kind of top that looks great on the course, but looks just a hot with a pair of jeans or slacks.

The next two items were a black mock neck jersey and a lime green sleeveless mock top. The first top is black with a white strip on the left and right sides. During the interview Joanne explained how her tops were created to make you look toned and sleek and wow was she right. The way she designed the sleeves, the placement of the stripes, and the moisture wick material transforms your body from flab to fab. Now don’t get me wrong it’s not a miracle worker but it really does make you look more fit and athletic. Not only does the shirt look great but it feels great too. It is so comfortable, and just like Joanne said, the tops are a little longer so you can complete a swing and your shirt will be in the same place it started with no extra tummy showing, and no need to readjust.
The lime green sleeveless mock has a similar slimming effect, except instead of toning your arms it sucks in the waist. This is also where we get into the “armpit butt” issue. For a refresher “armpit butt” is the extra skin that hangs over your bra and then hangs out the extra large hole most sleeveless shirts have. Well say goodbye to that because these sleeveless mocks are cut a little higher in the armpit and the sleeves go a little longer over the shoulders so there are no extra surprises hanging out. Because the fabric breathes so well and is so lightweight the closer fit on the arms is not tight or uncomfortable at all in fact it is actually the complete opposite.

The last two items we received were a black skort and a black jacket. For me the skort was perfect. I have nothing against skorts that zip up, I own several and they are great but there is something about an elastic waistband that I just love. I used to think elastic waists were for maternity wear but then I realized that they just fit better. I have found a lot of times with a zip up skort that it never stays in place, it always seems to ride up my hips and then I am constantly yanking it down. With an elastic waist the skort stays in place all day long. Not only did I love the fit of these bottoms but I really liked the look too. It was solid black with white stitching for some added design and color. Once again Jofit comes through with their innovative cuts and fits, because just like the tops this skort is incredibly flattering to your girlish figure. I also liked the length, it’s a good modest length where you can show a little leg without worrying about showing anything else…if you know what I mean (wink wink). The final item was a black jacket with grey ribbing. Lucky for me we had a few chilly mornings here in Florida where I actually needed a jacket for the course and this worked out perfectly. The jacket is lightweight which is perfect for our cold 40 degree mornings. The best feature of this item is the two-way zipper. If you don’t like to feel constricted around your waist when taking a big swing you don’t have to with this jacket, just move the bottom zipper up for your swing and then bring it back down when you are ready.

I have reviewed several different clothing lines and each one has something wonderful to offer, but I would have to say so far of everything I have tested Jofit by far makes the best tops. The great patterns, slimming fits, and comfortable fabrics make these tops number one in my book. I did not find a negative thing about any of the items received, the tops the bottoms, the jacket they were all wonderful. Everything is true to size and no matter what size you are 0-16 you will look great in Jofit. One of the most attractive things to me about this line of clothing is the price point. With an average price of $50-$75 per item it is right on target if not cheaper than other companies in the golf apparel industry. For quality, comfort, and style like this I believe Jofit is worth every penny. On a side note Jofit not only makes incredible golf apparel they are also coming out with a tennis and fitness line. To see all their great clothing you can go to their website at Jofit, I truly believe you will love what you see.

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  • I have been waiting for this one since the interview. Great looking gear and I need to find some of it now.

  • Love the skirt. That is adorable. Do you think they will be coming out with more colors? I have not looked at the website yet, but with their style, I would love to see some orange and red.

  • Great price point for this kind of stuff. I remembered arm pit butt from before. That is priceless.

  • Very curious if these are available in stores anywhere. I love their look but with the slimming effect, I am not sure it will fit me right. Want to try it out. Any retail stores sell these?

  • As of right now they are mostly located in Resorts and Country Clubs or online at their website. It looks like the skirt is only in black, but they have a ton of cute bottoms. I will ask Joanne if they plan on coming out with some bright colors for the skirts and as soon I hear something I will let everyone know.

    Samantha –

    That is the best part of the slimming effect, it makes everyone look good. It’s the way the tops are cut and graded, it sits on the body so nicely.

    Golfer Gal

  • Great clothes. Just another example of a company that I had not heard of, and that now I am blown away. Great coverage.

  • I loved the interview and like the review just as much. I cannot wait to find some of these. That argyle top is exactly what I have been looking for. yay! no armpit butt

  • I just spoke with Joanne and she said you can find all of last seasons stuff on their website. You can also find a store locator on their website to find the nearest Country Club or retail shop that sells their clothing. At these locations you will also find this seasons gear and from what I have seen I promise you will not be disappointed. We will have lots of great pictures and information for everyone from the PGA Merchandise show at the end of this month. Please keep the comments and questions coming : )

    Golfer Gal

  • Great info. You got me hooked on a different company, but I have just enough left in the budget for that black skirt. It is so cute.

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE Jo-Fit!!! Can’t wait for 2010 lines!! Saw them in early fall and they look awesome!

  • I have bought tons of Jofit items over the last 2 years. The clothing is beautiful and well made. The sizing is a nightmare. I have ordered the exact same size and style in items , but a different color and there is no consistency. The shorts are particularly inconsistent. They run humongous! I have a closet full of Jofit , however, most of it is too big. I should have returned the items but Jofit does not pay for return shipping, which is another issue. Why???? Jofit is very addicting and cute but I have given up on it. The last shorts I ordered, 4 pairs, I already have in different colors. I went way smaller , size 00. 2 fit, 1 is too big, the other huge! Very frustrating. Beware, even if you follow the size chart asnd receive an item that fits, you may order the exact same size and style in a different color and they might be too big or too small. I think if Jofit would cover return shipping like Amazon it would help tremendously. For now, no more Jofit for me.

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