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As we now sit with the U.S. Open in our rearview mirror and my favorite major of the year (The Open Championship) just a handful of days away, I really cannot help but continue to think about Justin Rose. Clearly the freshest thought that we as golf fans have in our heads isn’t the smooth golf swing or the solid demeanor; it is the fact that he just won the U.S. Open. Such a huge breakthrough win surely has to garner some momentum for him, but just how much? Just how much does making that big breakthrough change where Mr. Rose’s ceiling lies? After all, Justin Rose’s potential is something the golf world has been talking about for 17 years now.  Although we’ve heard time and again that winning cures everything, it doesn’t guarantee achieving a true potential.

The fact of the matter is (whether that’s right or wrong) that ultimately success in professional golf is measured by winning majors. It is the gold standard to which all of the greats are held to. Until a few weeks ago when the 32 year old Rose finally broke through to stake his claim as a major champion, the most vivid major moment he had was as a 17 year old kid in the 1998 Open Championship. The majority of golf fans out there remember “the hole out” on his 72nd hole of The Open to finish T4, it was a storybook moment that was supposed to signal the beginning of a career where the sky is the limit.

Fast forward to just before the 2013 U.S. Open, where a 32 year old Rose who in the 17 years since that first “major moment” had gone through more ups and downs than a roller coaster and for some time left the critics scratching their heads as to what had happened with all that potential. Yes, prior to winning the U.S. Open he had garnered multiple wins on multiple tours (17 to be exact), spent over two years in the top 10 of the world rankings, won the 2007 Order of Merit, and was a major part of two European Ryder Cup teams. However, it is often forgotten is that he actually lost his tour card at one point and in the beginning of his professional career missed 21 straight cuts. The journey for him has not at all been the straight line to success that many had predicted.

Up until this point he has always been viewed as the perennial under-achiever. With such a picturesque and gorgeous golf swing, along with his ability to keep his head on the golf course, many had expected multiple majors by now. However, it took 37 starts in majors and only 5 prior top 5’s to finally achieve his “breakthrough moment” and what a moment it was. Even with as much as some have focused on the U.S. Open as being another case of Mickelson faltering, the fact is that Rose not only didn’t falter, but he took the tournament down the stretch in a methodical manner, finally showing the world what some had been waiting for the past 17 years. However, in today’s world the focus quickly shifts to what’s next. As we have seen time and time again in golf, there are two different sides of the coin – those who get their major only to never achieve that level again and those who once they finally attain that major title the flood gates begin to open for. I cannot help but wonder which one of those categories Justin Rose will find his way into and just where his potential ceiling now sits. With the major monkey off of his back, just how good can he be?

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James is a staff writer for The Hackers Paradise along with being a professional educator. With his background in education James seeks to broaden his own knowledge while also sharing it with all those who share his passion for the game.

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  1. TheDue says:

    Nice write-up James and the questions may be partially answered this week at the Aberdeen Scottish Open in Inverness, Scotland as JR prepares for the Open Championship. So far he’s looking a bit middle of the road as he plays alongside another huge question mark in Phil Mickelson.

  2. T2GRN18 says:

    Nicely done James. Great read! I’m sure we will see Justin Rose back in the winners circle at a major. It’s great to see him settling in after he came onto the scene as a young golfer back in his early days at the Open Championship. His gritty style of play and past experience of victory and defeat will certainly pay dividends. It’s not and if anymore with him it’s a when.

  3. DevRickus says:

    I saw this posted on twitter this morning and gave it a read. Outstanding job James. Really well done. Some really great insight. While you do a terrific job on the equipment reviews, it was also nice to see you write about a different topic as well. I am not just blowing smoke, it was a really well done article.

  4. Smallville says:

    I remember well the youngster who went pro right after that British Open finish only to flounder for a long, long time. He really wasn’t ready to go pro at that time, and had he waited, he might have enjoyed the success he is having now, a long time ago.

    I hope he isn’t a Major Championship one hit wonder, but only time will tell. A lot of guys with tons of potential only win one (or even none) in their career. I actually liked Justin Rose a lot better early than I did Matt Kuchar (probably because of the dad at the Masters deal).

    He is definitely on top of his game now, so if he is going to become a “major” force, his window of opportunity is open right now. I think it would be good for golf if this guy can win a few majors and not turn into an afterthought.

  5. Cookie says:

    I enjoyed reading this! I think he can be as good as anyone given the strong fields we see each week. Does that mean he will win a bunch of majors? No…..but he will contend often and be a mainstay on the leader boards. I could see him winning 4 or 5 more majors max and given the competition he faces that is phenomenal.

    He has a swing that will stand the teton of time and events the mental toughness to not think he way out of a tourney.

    Nice piece James!

  6. Aaron Christiansen says:

    Good read James, I agree with you that he isnt going to win by 10 strokes or something like that but he will win again and I can easily see it being a major!

  7. Just_Hacking says:

    Really enjoyed the read, James. Good job!!

  8. Justin Rose is the South African born English professional Golfer. He plays most of his golf on PGA tour.He has a membership on European tour.In 2013 U.S open he has won his First major Championship. That’s really innovative.

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