KBS Custom Series Shafts

A few weeks ago, THP had a preview of a new custom series of shafts coming from KBS that had some of our readers extremely excited. While at the 2012 PGA Merchandise Show, we had a chance to spend some time at the KBS booth and see these first hand. Of course rather than just tell you all about them, here is a video with all the details.

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  • Nice interview with Eric. It was really cool to hear that the finish is just as durable as graphite shafts. Interested to hear if there is an upcharge for this offering and what the typical turnaround time is for them once you have ordered. Guessing that an OEM would have to wait to receive these from KBS before installing in your clubs and sending your way?

  • Nice interview! I love the idea behind these and it’s fantastic that they’re so durable! I will certainly be looking at these for my next irons. Thanks for the awesome coverage THP!

  • Always nice to have choices. KBS makes such a smooth feeling and popular shaft so I am sure these are going to be a hit.

  • Well that answer my question about durability and they are the Tours to boot. I guess the next question is can I get these in my Bridgestone Pocket cavities? And what color will I go with? Im thinking silver pearl with Green Puregrips, word!!

  • great interview, I really like the looks of these, but I wouldnt see them going in my J40’s. I think it depends on what iron you go with.

  • Great interview, and solid information about the durability of the shafts. Great shafts, and being able to get a custom look will be nice!

  • Oh boy, after the initial post they seemed like a great idea. After hearing about the quality they’re on top of the want list.

  • So when you order KBS Tour shafts you can choose to have the finish added? Or do you just order the shafts b/c they’re prefinished per se? How much extra do they cost? Very informative interview and thanks to Eric for taking some time out to discuss these shafts.

  • I really like the looks of these. They would look great in the 588 CB’s!!

  • These are sick! Saw them up close and thought they looked awesome. Great idea by KBS.

  • I’ve got to agree with One-T that the looks would depend on the club you have, but other than that, I like this idea. Seems like a great way to customize your shafts.

  • Nice interview. Really 8 seconds of ‘scratching’ on the intro to this video. Just sooo doesn’t fit…playa’

  • Terrific idea. Really like the black. Thanks for the interview.

  • Great interview. Love that customisation and personalisation is coming through in almost every aspect of your game.

    KBS already has a great shaft offering, and this just enhances it further.

  • NIce interview. I missed this earlier and I can’t wait to try out these shafts.

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