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THP & KBS Shafts have teamed up for a very cool contest to give THREE lucky THP members a brand new set of KBS Tour Custom Series shafts. Make sure you read this post in its entirety before jumping to the questions.

The winners of the contest will each get a brand new set of KBS Tour Custom Series shafts in any of the finishes offered. Plus a VERY cool bonus!

Many of our readers are familiar with our “Scavenger Hunt” contests, but those that are not, it is really quite easy. We will ask 3 questions and each one of them can be answered by browsing through the KBS Shafts website. Each entry that is submitted with the correct answers, will be entered into a random drawing to pick out the winners of this fabulous contest.

Bonus Entries
You will receive 5 entries in the THP Raffle drum for getting all the questions correct, but there is a chance at bonus entries as well.
1 Bonus Entry for liking KBS Shafts on Facebook
1 Bonus Entry for following KBS Shafts on Twitter
1 Bonus Entry for following THP on Twitter @hackersparadise
1 Bonus Entry for liking THP on Facebook

To see the questions and enter the contest, click here.

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  1. Cookie says:

    What a very cool contest and opportunity!! Big thanks to KBS Shafts for teaming up with THP and not giving just one, but THREE sets of shafts to our lucky forum members. In it to win it!

  2. barryjmunro says:

    Quality once again from THP and a big shout out to KBS for laying this on, good luck to three THP’er

  3. Flix says:

    Great stuff KBS & THP!

    In on this and hope to win these great shafts!

  4. damaikis says:

    This is a very awesome contest and fun to take part in. I sure did learn a lot by hunting around the KBS website. Thanks a huge amount to KBS and THP for this opportunity!

  5. MattyKrack17 says:

    Thanks THP and kbs! What an awesome contest! Always pondered kbs shafts but never have yet!

  6. T0AD says:

    Awesome KBS! Thanks! And to THP as well and as usual.

  7. Joshzilla says:

    Thanks to KBS and THP for a great opportunity! I’m pretty selective about the contests I enter here. I don’t want to win just for the sake of winning. However, my love for KBS knows no bounds and I absolutely love the custom concept! Good luck to everyone!

  8. Joshzilla says:

    I did enter this contest though. Those shafts are dreamy!

  9. 9-Iron Man says:

    Such an awesome prize! Thanks KBS and THP!!

  10. Josh_Ross says:

    Thanks so much to KBS and THP for this awesome contest! Looking to get my first set of nice shafts for my irons!

  11. d_in_la says:

    this is ridic. What an great contest KBS and THP. We’re not worthy!

  12. DawgDaddy says:

    This one is going to be fun, good luck everyone.

  13. Sir Flubs-A-Lot says:

    Great contest for some great shafts. For once I’m actually hoping to get the shaft. Thanks KBS and THP.

  14. dirkules says:

    This is so awesome I’m speechless…

  15. Dirtydawg67 says:

    Awesome contest! Thanks THP and KBS.

  16. 10YardDraw says:

    Awesome contest, thanks THP and KBS just more support from a manufacturer which is much appreciated!!!

  17. jason says:

    Do they offer the white tour shafts in a 2 iron?

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