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I normally write reviews on women’s apparel but today I am doing something a little different. Today I am writing about a golf bag, and oh what a bag it is. I am always looking for new companies and new products and with the help of, you, the readers, we have another great item to talk about, Keri Golf bags. After contacting the public relations firm for Keri Golf, we received a thing of beauty.

Before I talk about the actual item we had the pleasure of trying let me give you a little background into the company. Keri Golf was started five years ago by Keri Murschell who has always had a passion for life, golf, and fashion.

“Here is to enjoying everything that life has to offer. I have been so fortunate in my life with the greatest network of friends and family. My inspiration is always derived from the world around me and the things I love.

I am inspired by the best things in life, the joy of my children, and the feeling of a belly laugh. This MK collection, for my daughter Mary Kate, blends together textures and patterns and uses warm shade of feminine color.

The “neapolitan ice cream” color palette comes to life in modern geometrics and a joyful daisy print.”

Now onto the bag. Ker Golf carries both stand and cart bags, the one we tested was a chocolate cart bag with a neapolitan base and trim. From looks alone the bag is very attractive, the chocolate nylon material is very rich looking and the striped multicolored top trim and base adds the perfect amount of femininity. I also really liked the gold plated hardware, it added to the lavish appearance.

A good looking bag is great, but to be the full package it needs to be functional too. First lets talk durability. The nylon fabric is designed to stand up to all the conditions of the golf course making it water, stain, and pilling resistant and the leather is 100% genuine and water resistant as well. Next lets talk compartments. There is a large side pocket to hold your hood, shoes, and/or your rain gear. There are also two smaller pockets and built into their interior walls there is a space to hold your wallet, cell phone, cosmetics or even snacks. In addition there is a compartment to hold extra golf balls as well as external slots to hold your tees. In my opinion the Keri Golf bag passes the function test with flying colors.

For me the final test of a great golf bag is originality. My favorite feature of the Keri bag is their option to have the bag personally monogrammed. “You can have your personal monogram embroidered onto the bag of your golf bag for an additional charge of $35. You can select the font (diamond, garamond, custom script or juliette script) and thread color. You can chose to have your initials or name embroidered on the bag.”

Overall I absolutely loved the Keri Golf bag. The quality was suburb, the appearance is simple and elegant, they have all the storage you could ask for and the personal monogramming adds that extra touch that really sets it apart from the rest. In addition to golf bags Keri Golf also has colorful and stylish totes and head covers. If you are still searching for that perfect Christmas present, I would definitely put this at the top of the list. The only negative I found was the price, with an MSRP of $375 this may not be in the budget for everyone.

In even more exciting news, Keri Golf and leading golf products manufacturer Adams Golf Inc. have announced an exclusive strategic partnership between the two companies. I think we can all expect to see some really great things happening with this company in the near future.

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