Kinetixx Velocity Shafts

Kinetixx shafts are high tech and can fit a variety of different golfers. We wanted to put it to the test, but before diving into the swings and data (video below), let’s breakdown the specs and what is available in what makes the Velocity such a high tech and high performance golf shaft.

Vacuum curing reduces resin content and Kinetixx is the only manufacturer doing this currently. What does that mean? Enhanced feedback and performance is the goal and getting there by optimizing dynamic recovery properties of the material.

The Velocity line features active butt and tip sections designed for the golfer looking for better efficiency and you guessed it, more velocity. Want to get technical? Mid balance point in a shaft that kicks hard and recovers very quickly. Mid to high launch, yet being extremely stable throughout. In layman’s terms, ever hear people talk about shaft feel or kick and not really translate that to your game because you don’t feel it? A few swings with Kinetixx Velocity and you will.

Have you tried out Velocity by Kinetixx? After watching the video from the THP Tech Studio, could it be the right shaft for you?

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