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Since 1995, KiskatomCat has manufactured unique golf items that have been featured in Golf Digest and Golf for Women magazines, as well as in pro shops across the US and Canada. THP was referred to this company by a couple of readers that wanted to know a little more about their unique designs and accessories.

Never wanting to leave our readers in the dark we contacted Cathy at KiskatomCat to see about doing a review and profile on a few of their items. She was delighted to hear from us and said that they would send over a few samples of their ballmarks and divot repair tools.

After just a few short days a package arrived from them and we were delighted upon first inspection to see that KiskatomCat accessories are extremely nice looking and quite unique. The divot repair tools featured in the picture below were like miniature works of art. As a fan of metal art, these suited me rather nicely.

These tools are made of anodized aluminum and look even better in person than in the pictures. KiskatomCat also offers a few other styles to take a look at and choose between. Each tool features a removable magnetic marker, so your mark is always at hand.

On the course they worked with no issues to repair the marks left on the green from approach shots. I will note however, that when we used them on an extremely hard area of the green the metal legs bent slightly. Not a big deal, but something to remember. The magnet works extremely well to hold the ball marker in place. We gave a some of them to a couple of female players at the club that really seemed to like them. They did have one bit of feedback that they would like to see added. A clip on the backside of the divot repair tool, so that you can keep on the bill of a hat or visor would turn this item into something even more special. As of now, it must be kept in your pocket or bag and pulled out when needed.

The ball marks pictured to the left are tiny clips with a magnet attached in which the ball marker sticks on to. They are completely interchangeable and really are a nice touch especially the ones with the holograms. Overall the ball marks do as they are supposed to. They are easy to get on and off and are very easy to locate on the green. If we had to find a complaint with these, it was difficult. But one thing came up from a tester was that she thought the ball marker itself could be a little thicker. They are slightly thinner than a dime I would venture to say. But THP had no issues with them at all.

With an MSRP of just $15 for the divot tool and only $6 for the ball marker, we think people should definitely check them out. You can read all about them as well as check out many of their items that were not featured here at KiskatomCat.

One thing I want to add before we sign off is that KiskatomCat is also capable of doing custom logos for tournament prizes and corporate gifts. You can check out that part of their site right here.

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