L.O.F.T Golf Polo Review

Here at THP, we try to bring attention to products and companies in the golf marketplace that may not be the most recognizable. There are plenty of products and companies out there that deserve to be recognized for what they have to offer the golfing community. Take L.O.F.T. Golf for example. They may be a new name to you (they were to this reviewer) but would you have ever heard of this company prior to this review? Probably not and that means you’d miss out on the nice affordable shirts that they produce for us hackers. L.O.F.T. Golf sent two of their shirts from their 2011 line to THP for review, much to the chagrin of my already stuffed closet. Do these shirts have what it takes to find a hanger in my closet? Check it out.

From the Company
L.O.F.T. Golf caters to the ‘average’ golfer and wants them to look great while ‘talking the talk’ but not ‘walking the walk.’

Did You Know?
L.O.F.T stands for Lack OF Talent?

Key Features, Technology & Functionality

• Anti-microbial treatment
• Anti-static treatment
• Color matched buttons
• High UV Sun Protection (UPF 50+)
• Tagless collar
• Moisture wicking

Initial Thoughts
Upon opening the package I was pleasantly surprised to find not one but two shirts. One was red and white (model LG-611)and the other was navy blue and white (model LG-818) and neither of those colors are prevalent in my closet so this review got off to a good start. I don’t wear a lot of red on the course at all yet the red that L.O.F.T uses is a darker shade than what you may think of which I quite liked. The navy blue and white is pretty straight forward as you may expect yet it looks ‘cooler’ than just another navy blue and white shirt may be. They feel similar to other golf shirts that I own so that’s a plus as well since there’s nothing worse than not feeling comfortable in a shirt that you’re going to have on you for more than 4 hours. OK, so the shirt has passed the initial ‘look and feel’ test but would it pass the dreaded ‘sweat test?’ Only one way to find out right?

Before I get into the performance of these shirts, I want to touch on their fit. I’m 6’1” with somewhat of an athletic build (athletic is open to interpretation) and tend to wear a size L for the majority of my golf shirts. Some other brands I will wear a size XL since L can sometimes run small on me but not with the L.O.F.T shirts. I found them to run true to size for me and I was glad that I didn’t have to ‘shirt up.’ Sleeve length is important to me and I found the sleeves to be very good. I’m also particular about how a shirt looks when you tuck it in and then pull a little shirt out so you don’t look like all belt and this shirt didn’t disappoint in that area at all. I could untuck some of the shirt and still had enough shirt to play with without running the risk of pulling all of the it out. It also lays nicely around your waist and doesn’t make you look bigger than you may or may not be.

Testing? I managed to wear these shirts both in warmer weather (70’s) and somewhat cooler weather (60’s) and came away impressed with how they felt in those varying temps here in the Northeast. For the most part these shirts performed very well and did not have me thinking about how badly I wanted to get out of my golf shirt. Only on one occasion while at the range one afternoon did I have a bit of a wardrobe malfunction. There was absolutely no noticeable breeze or wind at all and after the range session I did notice that the shirt I had on had quite a bit of moisture on it. This may be from not being in a cart or having any air moving around that would help wick the sweat away but either way there was definitely some moisture issues going on. I’m sure other shirts I have would react the same way but I wanted to point out that this is not necessarily a magic shirt that wicks everything away all the time. Beyond this I was very happy with the overall fit and function.

At the end of the day, these shirts will be a part of my regular golf apparel rotation. These shirts are not too thin where you couldn’t wear them to the office or to the club for dinner so their usefulness extends well beyond the golf course or driving range. Bang for the buck right? You should get plenty of wear if you decide to add them to your closet. L.O.F.T Golf polos are reasonably priced at $39.99 and come with free shipping. How cool is that? Guys, if you’re worried about the Mrs. finding out that you bought yet another golf shirt? No worries, L.O.F.T Golf also has a woman’s line. For more information about L.O.F.T Golf and their products, click on over to www.loftgolf.net and see what you may be missing that you didn’t know about until now. Thanks to THP of course!

T. Hanks

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