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It seems most local pro shops carry Cutter & Buck, but have you ever tried on their gear? I have always liked something a little different then the khakis and cotton polos so I honestly never looked too closely at what the pro shop had to offer, I just figured it was the plain vanilla stuff I always see. Little did I realize that there was a hidden gem with Cutter & Buck and the Annika line for ladies. I am so glad we were given the opportunity to review their clothing, I was very pleasantly surprised.

We were presented with two incredible outfits from Cutter & Buck. The first outfit was their women’s entice shorts paired with the women’s Nano CB DryTec Luxe short sleeved Select Polo and completed with the women’s Celebrity Argyle V-neck sweater. The shorts are mostly gray with accents of white and yellow. My favorite part about these shorts is the pattern, it’s not really plaid, it’s not checkered, not stripped, it’s a little bit of everything including houndstooth. Due to the multi-patterned design these shorts are incredibly flattering to just about any figure. I especially love the button detail on the pockets, it’s that extra element of fun that makes these bottoms stand out. They are very true to size, not just in the waist but in the length too. There is not much I can say about the fabric except that it is top of the line. You just know when you put on a clothing item from Cutter & Buck that it’s going to be quality, and you can feel it. Soft against your skin, not rough, not stiff, and moves with your body not against it.

The DryTec short sleeved polo that was paired with these shorts is a canary yellow color, the same color subtly found in the bottoms. I think yellow is one of the best neutral colors anyone can wear. It works for just about every skin tone and brightens up any outfit. This top is no exception, the color is outstanding and once again the fabric is divine. As most of you know I love V-neck tops so you can imagine just how much I loved the cut of this polo being that it is a v-neck with no buttons. The piping in the sleeves and shoulders is what makes this top different from any ordinary polo. The length is perfect so no worries of any belly showing. Just like the bottoms the Cutter & Buck tops are true to size. If you have a small frame or extremely petite I would recommend trying an XS.

To make this outfit even better than it already is Cutter & Buck has paired it with the argyle V-neck sweater. Well you can already guess what the first thing was that I loved about this sweater; the v-neck! Even if this had a crew neck it would still be on my must buy list, the fabric is so soft it feels like cashmere and the argyle pattern and colors is outstanding. It has gray, yellow, white and blue and matches so many different items in the Cutter & Buck line so there are tons of mix and match options. I wore this exact outfit to a golf lesson and stopped at the bank on my way home and was stopped on my way in by a lady asking me where I got my sweater. This is definitely a must buy in my book.

The second outfit was from their Annika line and consisted of the Women’s ANNIKA Aurora Check Short and the Women’s ANNIKA CB DryTec C/S Sensation Polo. The shorts are a navy blue with a checkered pattern with white and a peachy orange color. That peachy orange color is the same color as the polo that completes this outfit. These shorts are just like the ones described above, they are true to size (both waist and length), very figure flattering, and also made of an incredible fabric. For that little extra touch on these they have added contrast black pipping.

Just like the first top mentioned this one is also a v-neck with one decorative snap button that also matched the snap buttons on the sleeves. The sleeves also have a mesh material for additional breathability (I don’t believe that is a word but I am using it anyway). This is another great moisture wicking material that is so soft and silky on your skin and moves so well with the body when playing on the course. The Annika line really nailed it this season with this outfit, even if you can’t play like her, you sure feel like a golfer in the clothes.

Now that I have had the opportunity to try Cutter & Buck I am definitely a fan. Their clothes just fit right, and feel great, and the designs are just cutting edge enough to be different without being outrageous. I just really like the look of their clothes, they use simple designs and take it up a notch. They combine patterns in a way that just looks classy and their color pallets are superb. The colors are feminine without being over the top girly. The clothing lays on your body in such a way that you can still see those sexy curves without being skin tight. If you haven’t tried their clothes before you can find them in just about every pro shop and I recommend giving it a try. Oh and let me not forget the best part, everything is machine washable! To read more about the Cutter & Buck ladies apparel you can visit their website here.

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