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As many might already know I like fashion and that is not limited to just clothing. I love shoes too, and more specifically golf shoes. So it should go without saying that when someone tells me about a company that makes golf shoes I want to know more. Yesterday we had a review of the men’s Hi-Tec Golf shoes so it is only fair that today we cover the ladies. The ladies offerings by Hi-Tec Golf are called Picadilly and they are a simply stated black and white golf shoe.

I have a system that I use to determine a good golf shoe. I look at five categories and measure each one individually and then look at the results overall. These five categories are:

1. Style
2. Comfort and fit
3. Performance
4. Durability
5. Cost

This is a very high tech, scientifically advanced system that took years to perfect but is my sure fire way of knowing if a shoe is right for me.

Step one of my analysis is the style; how do the shoes look? Fashion starts with your eyes, if you do not like the look of something what are the chances you will even pick them up? At first glance the ladies Hi-Tec golf shoes were simple, understated, but classy, and I liked that. They are a classic saddle shoe which I was pleased to see because the trend for shoes keeps going in the direction of the sneaker style. I will admit these shoes didn’t scream WOW, but more like, “oh these are cute.” I loved the black crocodile skin pattern throughout the shoe, and I especially like how it comes down the front of the shoe all the way to the toe. love when things are symmetrical. Black and white is always a good combination because unless you are wearing a brown outfit this will go with anything you have in your closet. The greatest feature I found was the tee holder on the outside of each shoe. I am ‘that girl’ who always forgets to bring a tee to the tee box, but now I won’t have to worry because they are fastened to my shoes.

Overall I really liked the look of these shoes, however, there was one thing that I wasn’t overjoyed about. They have the company name ‘HI-TEC’ across the tongue. Instead of their name I would rather see some kind of logo or maybe even have their name in smaller print. I feel like seeing that name takes a little bit away from the design of the shoe. This is nothing major and mostly I am just nit picking. Overall, for style the ladies Hi-Tec shoes gets an ‘A’.

With style receiving an passing grade it’s on to the next category; Comfort and Fit. I am normally a size 7 or 7.5 depending on the shoe and with the Hi-Tec shoe my foot fit comfortably into a 7.5. They are very light weight, unlike some other saddle shoes I have tried, which made walking the course a breeze. They seemed to have a great deal of cushion which allowed me to play round after round with no foot fatigue. One problem I sometimes have with my shoes is that my sock will fall down in the back and then the shoe will rub up against my ankle and give me a blister. I did not have this problem with these. I wouldn’t say these were the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever worn but they are definitely up at the top.

Comfort passed with flying colors so now we will move on to one of the most important categories and that is performance. This is where fashion over function plays a major role. If the shoe doesn’t perform than I have to think long and hard about how much the style will weigh in over the performance. We had a lot of rain in Florida these past few weeks so the grounds have been very wet. Even with the soaked grass and soggy conditions the shoes kept a firm grip on the ground and never once did I worry about slipping or losing my footing in any way. They also feature a new form of technology called ion-mask. “Ion-mask technology is a breakthrough in surface enhancement. It works at a molecular level, binding invisibly to the surface of products, giving them an extraordinary ability to repel most liquids and without affecting the look or the feel of the shoe. There are six key and significant benefits of the ion-mask process making it a quantum leap in footwear technology: waterproof, hydro phobic, breathable, lightweight, stay clean, environmentally friendly.” It appears fashion has met function with the Picadilly ladies Hi-Tec golf shoes.

These shoes were put through the wringer from mud soaked rounds in pouring rain to sweltering hot tropical conditions and with a wipe from a clean rag the shoes look as good as new. As I wore the shoes more they just got more comfortable without sacrificing any support. After the torture I put these through they definitely get an A+ from me in the durability department.

The final, and for some most important, factor in my equation is cost. I have been known to splurge a time or ten on shoes that were way too expensive but in my heart I am a bargain shopper. I am always looking for a great deal but I will not sacrifice quality and sometimes that can be hard to do. With the Picadilly golf shoes by Hi-Tec you really do get the best of both worlds. These shoes retail for right around $109, but check around because some places have great deals for under $100 right now. Even at $109 I think these are a great shoe for the price.

The new ladies Hi-Tec shoes were everything I would look for in a golf shoe. They are simple, classy, comfortable and will look wonderful with any outfit you pair them with. I really do believe that at a price of around $100 or less these are worth checking out. You can learn more about Hi-Tec here.

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