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When The Hackers Paradise attended the PGA Show in January we saw rows of golf equipment, accessories and fun gadgets. While making our way through the isles I was stopped in my tracks by a a series of three golf bags; white, black, and blue. I couldn’t get over how nice looking these bags were that I didn’t even realize what booth I had stopped at, it was Nickent. For 2009 Nickent Golf released their 3DX RC ladies set. It was the gorgeous bag that drew me to the booth but it was the clubs that kept me there. From a superficial standpoint I was very pleased with the aesthetics of these clubs but it doesn’t matter how good they look if they don’t play well. We were very lucky to have the complete set sent to us for testing once they were released to the public. Now we had the chance to really put these clubs to the test.

Some info on the 3DX RC line from Nickent:

Nickent Golf has designed a complete set that perfectly fits the needs of all female golfers. The women’s collection is available in three different designs and includes 12-clubs, a cart bag, rain hood cover, head covers and a putter cover. This 12-piece set includes everything that you will need to be ready for the course. The female set is both sleek and stylish and tailored to the needs of female golfers. The package set has everything that you will need to be ready for the course The collection also includes a specially designed alignment putter that will guarantee a successful day around the green.

The 12 piece set included:

14.5 – degree loft graphite driver
Graphite #3 and #5 fairway wood
#4 and #5 hybrids
#6-SW cavity back irons with graphite shaft

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on these clubs and get them over to the range. The day they arrived I barely got the plastic off before I was off to hit some balls. I remembered liking the looks of this set at the PGA show but when I saw them again, I thought they were even better looking then before. I just love the powder blue color they used. As much as I love the color pink I was so happy to see that they used something different. I could go on and on about the looks but again that will not help your golf game so let’s talk more about how they play. I reviewed another set of Game Improvement irons earlier in the year and at the time I thought those were the most forgiving clubs I had hit, until now. The first time I took the clubs out to the range I definitely did not bring my ‘A’ game. I hit quite a few shots of the heal and/or the toe yet still lost very little distance. I was also surprised to see the ball still go fairly straight even when not hit dead center. From driver to wedges the forgiveness was there.

I do not believe I could offer a true review if I was the only person to test these irons, so to get a more thorough analysis I took the ladies Nickent set to my Saturday morning ladies clinic to get the thoughts and feelings from women of all different skill levels. There were 15 ladies at the clinic the first Saturday and every one of them tested the Nickent set to their regular irons. Step one was to have each lady warmed up with their normal set of clubs for a while and then switched over to the Nickent 3DX RC line. The over all consensus was that these were a great set of irons. Only 1 person did not prefer this set to their current clubs. They all felt they got better distance and a whole lot more control from the Nickent set then what they are used to playing.

It came as no surprise to me that of all 12 clubs in the bag the ladies favorite, BY FAR, were the hybrids. A few women had never tried a hybrid before and other won’t play with anything else, but no matter what their experience level was they all thought the Nickent hybrids were the best club they had ever hit. They couldn’t believe the results they were getting. One woman said she gained at least 10 yards with the Nickent hybrid. Another lady said she felt like she could hit those clubs with her eyes closed and she would still make a perfect shot. The distance gained was the talk of the clinic all morning long. A few women really liked the sound of the hybrids. They said their current hybrids have a tinny sound that they really disliked and they did not get that with the Nickent, just a perfectly hit ball straight down the middle. I personally liked how light weight these were compared so some of the other hybrids I have tested in the past. The performance was second to none but I cannot lie looking down at these clubs is truly a thing of beauty. Two years ago I would have told someone they were crazy if they said you can play better if when you look down at a club you like what you see. Now I am finally understand what that means. When I look down at these hybrids I feel confident, my head is clear and my shots are always straight. Maybe it’s a mental thing or maybe it’s the club, however, I don’t care what it is as long as I keep hitting the ball like I did with these hybrids.

Of every club in this 12 piece set I would say the hybrid was a unanimous favorite but the irons came in at a close second. Even though the Nickent 3DX RC is a game improvement iron they still have a fairly thin top line which I personally really liked. At set-up I felt a sense of confidence when I looked down. Unlike other GI irons I have hit these were pretty light weight which many of the ladies at the clinic really liked. As mentioned before even when a shot was hit off the toe or the heal the ball still managed to go far and straight. I easily added about 10 yards to every iron I hit and so did 90% of the women at the clinic. I am not a long hitter so it is very rare, and extremely exciting, to hear someone say, “Wow that was a great shot! Look how far that went.”

This set also came with a putter and SW. I have always felt that putters boil down a personal preference and while one might work wonders for one person it could be the kiss of death to another. The putter that comes with the Nickent 3DX RC set is a specially designed alignment putter that is supposed to help your eyes when setting up to the ball. While I thought it looked good at setup and rolled the ball quite well I still preferred my current piece. Most of the ladies agreed this was a good putter but they aren’t sure they would replace the ones they are playing now. The alignment aid was helpful and this could be a great putter for beginners but with so many choices on the market I still think it all comes down to personal preference. The 56* SW was a great compliment to this set and worked great for those tough sand shots. My bunker game leaves a lot to be desired and I personally felt this club worked wonders out of the sand.

For the fairway woods this set includes a 3 and 5 wood. All 15 ladies really enjoyed these sticks. I hated my 3 wood from my old set and most of the time I didn’t even put it in my bag, but all that has changed with the Nickent set. I always struggled with the woods before but I was hitting these a mile and straight as an arrow. The ball comes off the face nicely and really gets up in the air quickly. Both clubs are extremely forgiving and I found when I missed out on the toe of the club, the flight pattern was still straight. While everyone like the woods the driver was another story. About half the laides thought this was the best driver they had ever hit. They just loved the 14.5 degree loft, they were amazed at how high they were getting the ball in the air. I had such trouble getting a good shot off the tee with these club. Even though the Nickent driver is slightly closed, just like my current Taylormade Burner, I could not set up to the ball. When I looked down I kept thinking I had to change my set up and when I did the ball was all over the place. I did like the sound it made at contact, it wasn’t too loud like some other drivers I have hit. I am not a fan of the loud, deafening sound of some of these other drivers on the market so I was pleased to hear that the Nickent driver will not leave you with a ringing in your ear after each hit. While some ladies loved this driver, and others like myself still prefer our current piece in play there was one person whose response sincerely surprised me. My fellow staff writer Josh B was in LOVE with this driver. He is a guy who plays a fade off the tee and with this Nickent driver he actually hit a draw. I laughed and asked if this was the first time he had seen a draw, to which he replied “ha-ha very funny.” This is a perfect example of different strokes for different folks.

Based on looks alone this might be the nicest set I have seen all year, I really love that powder blue color. As mentioned before looking at these clubs in the address position is (in my opinion) a think of beauty. For me it gave me such a confidence boost, when I looked down I just thought “I am going to kill this shot” and then I would. While I love the looks of these clubs, and I do believe they might be the best clubs I have ever hit there was one thing that I did not care for, the grips. I know they are stock grips but they were so rough and sticky that after just one round I had major blisters on my hands, so I definitely recommend getting these re-gripped. Besides that one minor issue, if you are in search of an extremely forgiving club that will give you great results each and every time then I highly recommend giving these clubs a test drive. They brought a ton of confidence to my game which in return has greatly improved my score. To read more about these clubs you can check out Nickent’s website here.

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