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I have had so many requests from my readers for golf ball reviews. Well ask and you shall receive. I was very excited for the opportunity to test out the new Ladies Precept iQ 180 golf balls. One of the biggest reasons I wanted to try these particular balls was due to the fact that Precept has produced some great golf balls as of late and I really wanted to see how these compared to the Lady Noodle Balls I have been using for a while now. We spoke with the company and they were thrilled to send us over a dozen to try out. They asked if I wanted pink or white and as many of you can guess I chose the pink.

After about a week they arrived at our office and I gave them the once over. I must say they are really PINK. You won’t have to worry about finding your ball on the course, these pretty ladies will stand out from even the deepest rough. I was really looking forward to getting these out on the course and putting them through the paces, especially in comparison to what I am used to playing.

The first thing I noticed, this is a soft ball, and It should be. It’s a low compression ball designed specifically for us ladies. Thanks to the soft core, and the softer blend of Surlyn, obviously cut with a shade of Ionomer, this ball feels really good coming off the club face of a slower swing speed such as mine. When using it around the green, the Ladies Precept IQ 180 has much less of hard feeling at impact compared to the Wilson Lady Noodles that I have been playing for quite some time now. You can clearly notice a difference in feel when putting as this ball just feels softer at impact than what I am used to.

So what’s so special about a two piece Suryln? This pink ball has a lot of the same technology packed into it as its more expensive Bridgestone E5+ and E6+ siblings, but for a cheaper price. This goes to show just how far you can stretch the limits of a 2 piece ball. For starters, let’s talk about “Seamless Cover”. This is Precept/ Bridgestone’s flagship technology and it works. This allows the ball to hold the line you put it on, because there is no seam in the cover distorting the dimple pattern. It really works well on all of their golf balls and I am excited to see that a company is paying attention to our needs as female golfers rather than stamping a “bargain ball” in pink and calling it a ladies ball.

As mentioned above two piece balls are are great for cost but something most people would not expect is that they are great with distance too. The Precept iQ180 is no exception. It’s love the feeling of hitting a soft feeling ball, and then completely crushing it down the fairway without giving having to give it my all. It’s lower compression rating will lower the sidespin enough so that most miss hits will not result in disastrous hooks or slices. I noticed a huge difference with the control of the tee shots even more than I did with distance.

On approach shots I felt as though they were not quite as spinny as a performance “tour ball” but more spinny than my Wilson Lady Noodle. They were not spinning back by any means, but they were hitting and stopping for the most part with very minimal release. Chipping was great because the “feel” factor that I mentioned before was quite evident. This ball carries a different sound and feel than I am used to, and the performance it gave was top notch.

Overall I felt as though The Ladies Precept IQ 180 outperformed my current ball. Part of that is the confidence I have in Bridgestone to produce high quality golf balls and the other part of it is that each time I test them out it reminds me of the quality and technology they have put in each one. I must admit it never bothers me to look down and know that ‘The Pink Panther” is playing the same ball either. With a price around $20 a dozen, I think I may have found my ball of choice. For more information on these check them out at Precept Golf.

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  • I have been playing these for a little while now and agree with the reviewer 100%. I use the white ones, but now may have to pick up the pink ones.

  • Love the thought of being able to play a softer ball. Might have to try these.

  • I started playing this ball as a result of the Bridgestone ball fitting session. I like it for the soft feel it has when I hit it. It isn’t that spinny around the green but I don’t really need that yet, I’m a 27. Good review GG, keep up the solid reviews!

  • I’ve been playing Pinnacles, but I’ll give these a try–I prefer a two piece ball.

  • Great review GG! When she plays, these are the ball of choice for my wife too. Like you, she especially likes the hot pink look, but also likes the bright yellow and pink combo pack, and the clear too.

  • My wife also uses the Lady Noodle and after reading this, I might have to get her a box. She loves Paula as well.

  • With the ball being softer did you notice any lack of distance off the tee?

  • Very interesting read. I am fairly new to golf but really looking for something that might help me. I will give them a try.

  • Great review GG! I’ll have to make sure to let my sister know about the review. She’s a pink fanatic like you, and they’ll go well with her new clubs.

  • great information…i’m intrigued. i have also been using the noodles…but will definitely give these a shot. love the pink too…as my bro, osahar, stated above, i insist on a colored ball, and the pink really does match perfectly! thanks!

  • I’ve been learning with my husband, his clubs and balls. I am finally at the point where I was ready to get my own clubs and balls. Thank you for the great review, I ordered a couple boxes and can’t wait to get them out on the golf course.

  • My wife (56) recently took up the game once again and has been using the pink IQs. She bought two dozen and got a free beach ball size Pink Panther head cover for her Burner driver. These balls work very well for her, giving her lots of roll off the tee and she likes the way they putt. She gets more height with Pinnacles, so she may be switching back, if she ever loses the Precepts. She hits everything down the middle so she very seldom loses one. These balls are a very good value.

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  • I also agree 100% with The Golfer Gal! This a a much softer ball than anything else I have tried. I love the way it feels. I couldn’t have put it better myself than GG did, I’m glad they didn’t just slap some pink on a cheap ball thinking women golfers wouldn’t notice. That is not the case at all with ball. Plus, I’m a huge Paula fan!

  • I’m a male golfer, age 65,a14hdcp–tried one, and loved the feel, got more distance than the expense balls –more guys should give them a try!!!

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