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A few months ago THP wrote a piece on a remarkable woman with an even more remarkable store. The woman is Karen Cantrell and the store is Lady Golf Sportswear. We had such a great time speaking with her and such a great response from the readers we asked her to be a part of our Spring 09 fashion week, and she jumped at the opportunity. When we spoke to Karen she said she would send us a few sample items of what she will be showcasing for spring. We expected maybe a shirt, pair of pants and hat, wow were we wrong. She sent a box FULL of unbelievable polos, shorts, pants, hats, visors, socks and shoes…oh the shoes.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Karen about Lady Golf, and what they have in store for Spring 09.

Golfer Gal: We were amazed at how many items you sent us. We were blown away by all the shoes, so classy, so stylish, they looked too nice to be golf shoes.

Karen: I love shoes, I have always had a passion for shoes, in fact I have extensively studied Italian shoes. I am sort of a shoe freak.

Golfer Gal: We noticed you sent three brands; Walter Geniun, Unutzer, and Sesto, what made you chose those?

Karen: Quality, everything in my store is based around quality. The shoes are not just golf shoes they are lifestyle footwear.

Golfer Gal: We noticed all the clothing you sent was from The Choice to Win, what made you chose that line?

Karen: I love their bold colors. Their spring line has a lot of bright colors like lime and orange as well as fun floral prints and polka dots. I believe this brand is not a trend but an essential and it will appreciate in value over time. The pieces of tomorrow will go great with the pieces of yesterday.

Golfer Gal: We loved that you sent hats and visors along with the apparel. We especially loved the large brimmed visor, can you tell us about that?

Karen: The visor is by Eric Javits. They make an oversized brim to give you more coverage from the sun. They are all hand made and hand crafted. This item is great because it protects you from the sun but you still look great. (THP agrees)

Golfer Gal: How do feel about the items you sell at Lady Golf Sportswear?

Karen: I love every piece, if I didn’t I wouldn’t sell it. I look for items that are casual chic. I love texture and layering. These clothes are great on the course or paired with a pair of earrings and fun clutch off the course. Every item in my store is quality and the clothes make you feel happy when you wear them.

Golfer Gal: Do you plan to add men’s wear to Lady Golf?

Karen: I get requests all the time, and we do have some men’s items. We have golf bags and some Walter Genuin shoes, but at Lady Golf Sportswear we specialize in woman’s fashion and we plan to keep it that way.

On behalf of the lady golfers of America, we are very thankful Karen plans to continue catering to female fashion. When browsing through her website I came across two items that really caught my attention. The first item is called DIMR’S, and they are a self adhesive product which covers up the nipple when you prefer a more modest look. I am sure many women can appreciate this item, especially if they are playing golf on a cold day. The second item, Cleavage Coolers, have the opposite effect. These are aromatherapy body coolers with flax seed, lavendar and mint. You place the cooler in the freezer and when you are warm, like after a game of golf in the hot Florida sun, you put this in the front of your bra and it will cool you down. Being that I live in Florida, and that I am ALWAYS hot, I absolutely loved this product and had to ask Karen about it. After mentioning my interest in the DIMR’S and Cleavage coolers, I received a package in the mail just days later with both inside. Karen is an outstanding woman who knows her fashion, she knows women and she is the essence of sophistication. Her customer service is second to none and we feel honored to have had the opportunity to work with her for a second time.

To learn more about Karen and Lady Golf Sportswear, and to check out the new spring lines please visit her website at Lady Golf. When THP needs fashion advice, we only go to one person. The queen of fashion on the green. LADY GOLF!

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Golfer Gal

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  1. mandy hunt says:

    I loved the first review done on this store and planned on buying from them for Christmas. This one, just confirms it. Their site is amazing.

  2. zack says:

    I got my wife a pair of shoes from this store and it is by far the best experiece I have had in shopping. I called them and did not have a clue. The young lady on the other end of the phone took care of everything including picking out the shoes. She wears them everytime she plays now.

  3. Mike Turner says:

    I just found the gift for my wife for Christmas. I knew I liked this site.

  4. mary j says:

    This store looks amazing. What a nice lady who obviously knows her stuff. I took a look at the site and they have EVERYTHING for the female golfer. Time to talk to dear hubby and see what I can buy.

  5. anita says:

    I bought an outfit from there the last time you guys did a review on their store. It is simply the best selection of ladies golf stuff anywhere in the world.

  6. janie says:

    This store looks great. I just re-read the first interview with her and now this one. She knows her stuff. They carry all of the best brands and if I could only afford some of their stuff I would go crazy. I would like to win a shopping spree there.

  7. ruth says:

    If they carried Golftini and PAHR, it would be the cream of the crop. Well, they seem like they might be already. Golfer Gal, you introduced me to both Golftini and PAHR, cant you get them into Lady Golf? Regardless, this store looks amazing. We go to that area once a year and I have already penciled in my trip to this store.

  8. jenny moore says:

    This store would be “church” for someone like me. The Walter Genuin shoes are just flat our beautiful.

  9. Mary L says:

    This looks like the Mecca for all things women’s golf. THank you for bringing this place to my attention.

  10. gail olliver says:

    You guys need a giveaway in the forums from this place. This store is the best I have ever seen.

  11. Frank Monroe says:

    My wife and I live out near this store and I have to keep her away from it. It is a great place and the staff is really friendly and helpful.

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