Lajosi Putters – An Introduction

Finding a new putter can be a daunting task. You have to carefully select which shape suits your eye, the weight that helps give you the proper stroke, the finish that gives you the confidence and so much more. When it comes to choosing a putter, one must hope that their brand of choice makes something that matches up well with all of these choices. What many do not realize, is that there is an easier way to get exactly what you want, a putter that is made FOR YOU!

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Custom putters are becoming more and more popular with each passing year and one company seems to be putting the art back into the world of putters, and that is Lajosi Putters. Based in Melbourne, Australia Kari Lajosi is getting a lot of attention around the world of golf right now as a person that makes some of the best looking putters around. Before we get into the work that they can and have created, it is important to understand where they came from and why they are putting together such beautiful and functional works of art.

THP – When did you get started creating putters and what made you jump into the custom putter arena?

KL – I first started making putters in 2000, hand shaped aluminium mallets with hand bent necks, not long after that my engineering company purchased a CNC mill, we employed someone to run it and in the coming yrs I had my CNC guy mill a few basic anser style heads. In 2007 I started to hand mill heads on the Bridgeport and have some fun stamping and painting them. Early 2008 I went back to night school and learnt 3D modelling and how to operate our CNC mill. That was my start into custom heads- I started to mill everything I could model- I was hooked. Since then I have refined my models and continuously improved my milling techniques- a lot of trial & error, but heaps of fun!!!

THP – Custom putters have come a long way in recent years, can you tell us about the growth of Lajosi?

KL – From my first head I modelled and milled it’s been a huge learning curve, having the ability to model any style of putter and then mill the head has helped me make putters people only dreamed of. I would like to continue to grow and slowly increase my presence in high end quality putter world.

THP – How many custom options can you provide for a golfer?

KL – My custom options are endless. I can offer custom modelling of a specific design, a full range of neck options, face milling options -ie v-goove milling,- different weights , lie, loft angles.
I have engraving options, stamping, paint fill- plus a host of different finishes which are available.

THP – Do you think of your putters as more collectible or performance driven?

KL – I would like to think both- but when I make a putter, my only concern is it’s performance. I believe the feel of a putter is very important, it gives you confidence over the ball.

THP – What are some things people should know when ordering a custom putter from Lajosi?

KL – I think the most important thing is knowing the style of putter which best suits your stroke- If you have used a face balanced putter you don’t want a heel shafted mallet.
Knowing your lie angle, loft & offset, is pretty important. Preferred weight & length is important also.

First Impression
Lajosi sent over a couple of putters for us to try out and they look incredible. But in reality, this is a true custom putter maker, and the looks are what you would like them to be. The KLP18 is a classic heel to toe design. It is one piece milled with a beautiful crisp feel, the 1/4 toe hand gives it perfect toe flow. The KLP4 is a classic blade design, the welded neck flows effortlessly into the top line of the putter and onto the green. Both of these share a similar antique like finish and face milling design. But when it comes to the looks of a putter from Lajosi, the options are your imagination.

We have spent quite a bit of time with the Lajosi putters (both models) testing them both on the course and on our THP indoor putting green and with each testing, we are more impressed than the last. Most people will tell you that when it comes to putting, looks inspire confidence and will help you make more putts. Couple that with an incredible feel of the ball at impact coming off the putter face and you have something special on your hands. During the interview above Kari mentioned that all the putters were performance first and at first we were not entirely sure that could be the case, but within a couple of range sessions with the Lajosi custom putters, you realize that while beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, performance of a putter is in the design and matierals used to create a wonderful feel. At impact with both models, you get a nice plump and almost velvet like feeling that we do not see in many clubs. The KLP4 was the preferred stick of most of our testers as it had both a plusher feel as well as a nice audible tone, but both of these were outstanding in the hands of the golfers trying them.

At THP we test a lot of incredible equipment and always have a lot of fun with it. One thing that is always interesting to us and helps us gauge a different kind of interest is the look on peoples’ faces as they try the gear for the first time. With Lajosi we saw grins from ear to ear as people first got a look at the putters and as they tried them, those grins turned to chuckles as they quickly made mental note of the company name for further research we are sure.

Pictures say a thousand words when it comes to certain items, and if these pictures could talk, they would tell you that they do not do these works of art justice. But you owe it to yourself to click on each one to see the blown up image and the attention to detail that is included with each piece. The rustic finish combined with sublime style and endless custom options set Lajosi in possibly a class by themselves when it comes to the custom putter market. If you have ever thought about trying to find that perfect putter finish to match up with the ideal putter shape and weight for your game, you owe it to yourself to take a look at what this company can create for you. From the ground up, you will be getting a true piece of artwork handcrafted and done to do one thing. Work as well as it looks!

Check out the Lajosi website for more information on all the options that are available and photos of tons of “works of art” that they have recently created.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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