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As I sit here writing this review I am looking out the window of my office and all I see are people riding by in their golf carts. I see people ranging in age from 25 to 85 years old and each one is decked out in golfwear. I see argyle, plaid, shorts and pants and while they are all wearing something different I notice one common factor; they all lack originality. Don’t get me wrong, they all look perfectly nice and I am the first to admit I love argyle and plaid but sometimes it’s nice to be a little different. That is where Lannette Golf and Resort Apparel shines. This company was started in 2004 in Canada but they are now making their United States debut. Lannette has found a way to take your everyday golf clothing, add a touch of sophistication and originality, and turn it into the ideal bridgewear.
For this review we will mostly be looking at her 2010 Bold Line. My first thought when I opened the box of clothing was, classy. I could immediately tell why she calls her clothing Golf & Resort apparel. While this line is offered in many great colors the items we were sent for review were all black and white. I was perfectly fine with that because I could instantly see how the mix and match potential was endless.

The bottoms are very unique in style and fabric but for me it was the tops that stood out. The black and white stripped long sleeve top has a bit of a ‘Saturday Night Fever’ look to it that I simply adore. Some might even call it groovy. The high flared collar and french cuff really makes this piece. This would be the perfect top for a winter round of golf. The high end tech material is extremely flexible and the length of the top is ideal. No more belly exposure with your follow through. Pair this with the Bold Shell Golf pants and you are ready for the links. The pants are very different from any other golf bottom I have tried. The waist is elastic with a snap front and the material can best be described as feeling like a combination of lace and water resistant material. They are different then what I am used to and I really liked that. The only part I was slightly unsure of was the wrinkling by the knees, it’s not that I didn’t care for it, it was just a bit confusing to me.
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The shell black skort and matching shell vest are made of the same material as the pants. The skort may be the most comfortable piece of golf apparel I have ever tried. I think a lot of that has to do with the elastic waist band, it gives you a little extra breathing room for those days where you wish all your clothes were a size bigger.
If comfort is key for you while on the course then another fabulous option is the Bold Signature Golf Dress. We sampled one in white with a white floral pattern. There are two aspects of this dress that I am absolutely in love with. The first part are the two front pockets, I don’t know what it is about skirts and dresses with pockets but they just make me happy. The second part is not only practical but also has a ‘cool’ factor. The collar has a magnetic ball marker on it! Pockets and a ball marker on the collar what more could a girl ask for?
The final outfit we got to try, in my opinion, is the Pièce de résistance. This is the one that had the most heads turn, the most ‘Wow where did you get that?’ comments. I am talking about the black tech polo and matching tech skort with the continuous white piping. What I am about to say may not be appropriate for men so if you are a guy reading this just skip the next few sentences. For those ladies who lack in the cleavage department, you must try this top! I don’t know what it is about the shirt, maybe the placement of the piping, the quality of the tech material, just simply the fit, or a combination of everything but I swear my bust never looked so good. Alright men, you are free to continue reading now.
While the top will enhance your attributes the matching black skort will shrink them. The material is clingy and rather tight fitting which would lead one to believe the fit would be unflattering but it is quiet the opposite. Maybe it’s because it’s black and that is know to be a slimming color? Either way, if you are looking for a confidence boost then this is the outfit to do that. The only issue I had was that you can feel the piping of the top against your skin and that can be somewhat bothersome at times. I guess that’s a small price to pay for looking so good, besides it’s better than 6 inch heals.

Lannette Golf and Resort Apparel is coming to the American market at just the right time. We have more fashion forward females on the golf course than ever before and her clothing line is a great way to make a statement. In pictures these clothes might look plain or simple in design but once you feel the materials and see them up close and personal you will see they are anything but ordinary. Lannette puts so much love and passion into each of her pieces and her attention to detail is phenomenal. You can read more about the brand, their story, and see the 2010 catalog here.

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