Let’s Talk Golf Balls with Bridgestone Golf

Over the last few months, you have probably heard about the new Bridgestone B330 line of golf balls. The company teased the product early with social media hashtags such as #BestBallEver and the early feedback has been fantastic. THP Radio recently had Corey Consuegra on to discuss golf ball technology as well as the new look of Bridgestone Golf as part of the show called The Golf Industry Uncut and in case you missed that, you can find that here.

After that show aired, THPers had a lot of questions regarding golf ball technology as a whole and the questions came flooding in. THP decided the best way to answer your questions was to have the team from Bridgestone Golf answer them to give you the information straight from the experts that handle and design every single day.

THP: Golf balls are packed with technology as much or more than any other piece of equipment. Can you explain in lay person’s terms what each piece of a golf ball does and why some have 2 layers and others have up to 3-5 layers?

THP: When looking at golf balls, consumers have a lot of choices and each company says they have the best offering. How can a golfer walk into a store and truly find what is the best for their game without being overwhelmed?

THP: Can you explain how a golf ball spins less off the tee and more around the green? Isn’t spin the same everywhere and how does it become different with different impacts?

THP: Golf ball technology may have changed more than any other piece of equipment over the last few decades, and is often overlooked. How much more can be packed into the piece of equipment used in every shot and what do you say when you hear “they are all the same”?

THP: You have a group of people at Bridgestone that have come out of their shell recently and how can THPers talk to them directly outside of the THP Forum (list Twitter accounts) and what golf ball do each of them play?

We found Josh Kinchen

Join us on the THP Forum right here after getting the answer to all five of the questions and enter to win some of the new 2016 Bridgestone Tour B330 golf balls, in a box signed by Fred Couples.

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