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Matrix Golf wants to celebrate the 4th of July with THP. They have made a very limited edition shaft that THP feels is perfect for the 4th of July and they are going to give two of them away to THP members!

The Prize
The picture above says it all and it is a limited edition Matrix Radix T9 hybrid shaft. On top of the limited edition shaft the 2 winners will also get their names engraved on them!

One entry only per participant
To enter, simply explain why this Matrix Shaft would help your game in the comments section below.
This contest is open to anybody that would like to participate
The winners will be randomly drawn.
The deadline of this contest is Friday July 6th, 2012 at 11:59pm EST. All entries must be received by then to be considered.

Bonus Entries
Your comment counts as 1 entry in the “hat”.
If you Tweet this contest on twitter you will also receive a bonus entry in the “hat”. You can do so by mentioning the contest & the twitter handles @hackersparadise @MatrixShafts in a tweet.
If you mention this contest on Facebook by tagging the Matrix Shafts Facebook Page & “like” THP you will also receive a bonus entry.
If you are a forum member with at least 10 posts, and 5 in the last 30 days, you will receive 5 entries in the “hat” rather than 1, if you choose to enter.
You must include your forum screen name, twitter handle & Facebook Page link in the comments section to qualify for bonus entries.
If you are not a forum member but would like to sign up, Click Here. Registration is always fast, free, and easy.

Good luck everybody. Winner will be announced in the THP Forum in the contests section Sunday (a week from today) evening.

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  1. Overkil2 says:

    Ops.. Forgot to add

    Forum – overkil2

  2. Terry Kung says:

    Matrix shafts just simply give me more confidence in my swings. It naturally gives me a confident boost. There is no doubt the technologies involved within the shafts help with the swing control.

  3. Steve Gronsky says:

    One of the better shafts out there. Why not enter to win one????

  4. Mark Guillory says:

    I think this shaft could drastically improve my game. It would give me the control that I need. If nothing else it would boost my confidence, of knowing that I have a top of the line shaft in my hands.

  5. Mark Keehn says:

    Over the past few months, I have come to realize, not only how important the right shaft is for my swing, the staggering variety of shafts that are available. Before I came to this realization, I purchased a hybrid with a no-name stock shaft. While ao still love this hybrid, I feel that I am not getting its full potential because of the weak shaft. I feel that a matrix hybrid shaft would definitely tighten up my dispersion, which is what I am looking for.

    THP: Keehno
    Twitter: @ mdkeehn

  6. Jerry Olivetti says:

    I would love the opportunity to install a custom shaft in a hybrid with the right flex and tipping. Hybrids are sensitive clubs and the shaft can make all the difference.

  7. Matt Rose says:

    I think this shaft is something that could help tighten up my hybrid play. As a new player I can use all the help I can get.

    smokedhog on THP

  8. Freddie kong says:

    With the super high launch provided by the shaft I should be able to carry some of the dog legs on my course and score a little better. With the windy conditions in Orlando I can take advantage of the down wind holes by launching the ball into the warm morning air.
    The color scheme is sure to draw some comments so I can talk about the makeup of the shaft and the contest that I won it in. Thank you to Matrix and Hackers Paradise for this unique contest.

  9. Mike says:

    I’m looking for a shaft with lower spin characteristics so I can get some serious distance off the tee box. Matrix has become one of the leading shaft manufacturers and I would love the opportunity to game this.

    THP: sleuth

  10. Dave says:

    I’ve always had a love hate relationships with my hybrids. I have been told the stock shafts have a lot to do with my issues. With a true, tour caliber shaft, I know I will be able to improve my hybrid game and regain confidence to be able to carry them in my bag again every round.

    THP: goaliedave
    twitter: dmills35

  11. Sharkwrestler says:

    This Matrix Hybrid shaft would def. be a step in the right direction to finding more fairways on those long par 5 holes. The graphics stand out and will always remind me of the men and women that serve to protect the USA.

    Twitter @jimdemp
    FB James Dempsey
    THP sharkwrestler

  12. Alex G says:

    Love thier shafts, have had a few in my day, and this shaft would give me more confidence which would lead to more fairways and lower scores!

    twitter: guzzzman

  13. Joe K says:

    This could help me fight the dreaded snap-hook!

  14. Thana hun says:

    This shaft made me pass Professional Qualify 6 years ago I still using them till now

  15. Ivan Sanabria says:

    I could use this shaft to get greater consistency with my 2 hybrid as compared to my current Aldila VooDoo shaft. I cant get the club to play nice!!
    THP: slbpsi63
    FB: Ivan Sanabria

  16. Smallville says:

    I like a higher lauch shaft in my hybrids because we have a lot of trees I tend to need to hit over! A Matrix shaft would go a long way to helping me do that.

    Thans to THP and Matrix for this great opportunity!

    Forum name: Smallville
    Twitter: SmallvilleKC!/SmallvilleKC
    Facebook: mike.mcosker!/profile.php?id=100001825393293

  17. Golfwannabe says:

    This shaft will go great with my red, white, and blue golf shoes! I am a patriotic veteran and am always proud to fly and wear the stars and stripes! So for my service, I should get the chance to play the shaft. Hoo-Ah!

  18. Ted Doherty says:

    This shaft would help me gain more control of my hybrid giving me a go to club off the tee in tight situations. Thanks for the opportunity !!

    Forum name: bigtedrx
    Twitter: @bigtedrx
    Facebook: Ted Doherty

  19. Ryan K says:

    This shaft will complete my TM Raylor 4 hybrid. Recently I am having issues hooking the ball so this would be perfect. Also it would match my set of Matrix shafts – Program 95s in my irons and 6m3 in my driver. A Perfect fit…..

  20. McLovin says:

    That shaft is the bomb. I would be proud to put that in play.

  21. WessCook says:

    I’ve been a huge fan of Matrix golf since the inception. Being a proud member of the U.S. Armed Forces I would be honored to rock anything red, white, and blue especially this shaft!!
    Forum name: WessCook
    Twitter: WessCook
    Facebook: uscgmk

  22. Buckjob says:

    this shaft would help me bomb my hybrid with some American Pride!!!!

    Twitter- Buckjob27

  23. Pmoa says:

    This would be a fun shaft to try, why not? Give Miyazaki a run for its money!

    Forum: pmoa
    Twitter: pmoa
    Facebook: perry moa

  24. smackdaddy says:

    i hate my hybrid with a passion. it hooks left at the worst possible time. i’m sure this shaft would solve my problems and let me drop my score by at least 4 strokes per round. the 4 strokes being the penalties that result from the hook.
    plus it looks dope.

  25. allenpc28 says:

    Matrix makes great equipment and would certainly help with spin on my hybrid shots. I would love to give this shaft a try on my Callaway hybrid.

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