Linksoul Summer 2017 Collection Apparel Review

Known for their unique style and high quality, Linksoul represents a hands on approach to fashion, in apparel that suits all walks of life in a comfortable and confident manner.  Their mission is to reconnect people to the soul of the game, and this mentality bleeds brilliantly through their style.  Recently, they released their 2017 summer collection, including an intriguing lineup called “Make Par Not War” which will be highlighted specifically in this review.  For golfers who enjoy standing out in their own way, Linksoul may offer the perfect solution.

Starting with the most casual element of the review collection, the revolution tee makes a statement with a big bold “MAKE PAR NOT WAR” logo centralized on the ultra comfortable 50/25/25 blend.  The shirt sits very well on the frame, and the softness of the profile allows the material to flow appropriately around the shoulders and arms.  For those looking for a bit more lively option, they are also offering the shirt in an envy green and vintage navy color.  Whether you are heading to the pool or lounging around the back yard with friends, the revolution tee will pair well with the situation.

One of many hat options available on Linksoul, the Make Par Not War trucker hat, is highlighted by a cotton chino twill upper and bill, with a soft and comfortable mesh backing.  One size will fit most with a snapback feature that is easy to adjust to the most comfortable size.  While the flat profile may be for a more select group of individuals, Linksoul offers plenty of shapes and designs to accommodate all golfers, and all situations (including visors and buckets).  For the trucker flat bill, there is some serious longevity built into the design, and this hat has the presence of a long lasting construction with great badging.

Moving into the golf related apparel, Linksoul comes in strong with the performance heathered short sleeve knit shirt.  A 56/40/4 blend, this performance fabric profile will have golfers comfortable taking on the course for a casual evening nine, and then following it up with a dinner with family or friends.  Adding a unique style to the profile, the buttons extend the entirety of the shirt, making it appear slightly more formal than a traditional golf shirt, but not overwhelmingly formal like a button up dress shirt.  The fit was on the form fitting side of the spectrum, which was welcomed by this reviewer.  Too often the shirt will become overly baggy on a tall and slender frame, making it seem sloppy when looking in the mirror, but a more form fitting profile most definitely works against that idea and looks fantastic.

While the buttons did take some time to get used to, the freedom to wear this shirt in any casual or slightly formal setting really stood out.  Not only that, during golf the fabric did an excellent job of keeping the body cool, and wicking away some of the sweat.  In a world of high tech athletic materials, Linksoul has created a unique and enjoyable blend of casual, formal, and comfort.

The second golf shirt experienced during this review was the drytech cotton blend short sleeve shirt.  The similar 56/40/4 blend remains consistent with some of the other shirts in the lineup, however this profile sits a bit more loose on the frame, with a variety of color options to select from (Tahiti heather will absolutely turn some heads).  Well constructed collar and button elements make this shirt have a great high end feel, alongside the stretching performance fabrics which are built for comfort.  This shirt will sit notably more relaxed from the performance heathered shirt, feeling wider in the arms and torso area, which was confirmed by direct width comparisons. 

Focusing on the lower half of the review, the golf related shorts that were provided were the solid boardwalker shorts.  Out of the package, it seemed quite obvious that these shorts would be highly versatile between the on course play and off course relaxation or activity, and the results were not a letdown.  Not only did the shorts breath brilliantly throughout play, they allowed for great flexibility and a bit of stretch that was quite welcomed.  With 67% polyester, 25% cotton, and 6% spandex, this should not come as a great surprise that a nice amount of give is afforded.  Off the course, this design quickly became a favorite for a range of activities, whether it was lounging or working around the house, or heading out to the store or a decent dinner.  Long story short, the boardwalker shorts fit brilliantly.  If there was a criticism to be had (and the simplicity of the design may contradict this comment anyways), during the review it was realized that having a rubberized waist band on shorts is something that has redefined the golfing experience.  Without that element in place, some of the reviewers’ shirts became untucked, and the slick nature of the performance under garments being worn during golf added to the ‘slide’ downwards.  It is unsure whether this rubberized profile would suit these shorts in a more casual setting, however, it seems like an opportunity missed.

And finally, for the post round cool down efforts, Linksoul has introduced the floral printed boardshort.  Breaking down as 67/25/8 (with the 8 being spandex), once again Linksoul has provided a flexible and comfortable design that allows for airflow, easy drying, and easy transitions to the pool post-golf.  The waist on each of the shorts seemed adequately generous, which was very appreciated as there seems to be a slipping of the reality of measurements over the last couple seasons.  While the floral boardshorts have yet to participate in any salt water activities with this reviewer, they have been worn outside while lounging, and down around the splash park, which leaves little reason to assume that many of the casual activities around the house or neighborhood would not require more in the lower half than these elements.

Parting Thoughts

The Linksoul summer 2017 collection, and the Make Par Not Love release is worthy of a second and third look by any person considering an alteration to their typical apparel activities.  They offer a brilliant blend of casual and comfortable apparel, and it is pretty clear that golfers will find the right setup for all aspects of their daily lives.  In essence, bringing the links soul into the wardrobe 24/7 with materials that are unique to the brand and experience.  For more information on Linksoul, visit

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