Live at 2pm PT: The Worst Golf Podcast Episode 12

Everybody wants to be the best, we strive to be the worst. When a bad take is necessary, we will be here to share it with you. This is Episode 12 and we have a fun show today, joining us live will be a special guest from Cobra Golf.

We will be talking equipment, taking your questions and of course jumping into the Morgan Cup where you can be a tour player complete with 14 club deal, apparel scripting and more.

Join us right here in this post below or jump into the chat on the YouTube Live stream that can be found at

Of course, if you prefer to not watch, you can listen to the show right here, Apple Podcasts or from anywhere you do your listening and downloading from. Search for the Hackers Paradise and make sure to subscribe so you never miss an episode. After listening, come back over and drop us a note below on what you agree and/or disagree with from each episode.

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THPGolf · The Worst Golf Podcast Episode 12 – Live from Cobra Puma Golf

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