Live Updates: Distance Bash with UST Mamiya

This will kick off tonight with the meet and greet dinner.

6 THPers
Danny Le from UST Mamiya
Hammock Beach Resort and Spa

Every participant coming will have a full driver fitting and get a brand new Cobra SPEEDZONE Driver with premium UST Mamiya shaft.

Tonight: Meet and Greet Private Dinner and Swag Party 
Saturday Morning: Driver Fitting at Ocean Course
Saturday Afternoon: 18 Holes of Golf at Ocean Course
Saturday Night: Villa Crawl Contest
Sunday Morning: 18 Holes of Golf at Conservatory

If you ever wanted to know anything about graphite driver shafts or want to get myths or misnomers cleared up? This will be something that is a must follow.

You can follow along with all of the action and ask questions directly to the participants as well as UST Mamiya, right here in the THP Forum.

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