Looking For Testers: KBS S-Taper Shafts

New shafts from KBS called $-Taper are out and getting some early buzz with tour validation and those that have tested them out giving positive feedback.

THP TV sat down with Rhett from KBS to discuss the features of this new shaft and then convince him to give a few sets away.

Want to test a set of these out? THP and KBS are giving away 5 sets of shafts for review on the THP Forum. Signing up is as easy as following these 3 steps.

1. Watch the video located on the THP TV YouTube Channel
2. Subscribe to THP TV on YouTube
3. Leave a comment on the YouTube Channel page with what features Rhett mentions that sound perfect for you.

That is it. Then sit back and wait to find out if you have a set heading your way.

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