LPGA Q-School Preview

I think I’ll take the week off from golf tips since it’s freezing where most of you live and write an LPGA Q-school preview instead. Q-school begins Wednesday, December 3 and is 5 days of grueling golf. I just played the Legends course in a mini-tour event which is one of the two courses that will be played next week. Both courses play approximately 6,500 yards and if the wind blows, watch out. The Legends is narrower and tree lined, and one errant shot will definitely cost you. The greens are more undulating and grainy. The Champions course is a bombers delight and a birdie barrage.

Michelle Wie can thank the LPGA for changing this years Q-school to have the Champions course be played 3 times, and the Legends only twice. While both courses are capable of extremely low scores, people always prefer one over the other based on your type of game.

So my predictions and thoughts… There is a cut after 4 rounds and the top 20 and ties will earn exempt status for 2009. My 3 locks to finish in the top 20 are: Michelle Wie, Stacy Lewis, and Amy Yang. I picked Ya-Ni Tseng last year to do well and currently she is #3 in the world and won a major… not bad! I think these 3 will also have the same success in 2009. Michelle Wie has finally gotten used to being a pro on one tour and has grown up a lot. Stacy Lewis won nationals at the LPGA Legends course and almost won the US Open this year, and is overall a really solid player. Amy Yang is my dark horse who many of you may not have heard of, but she won twice on the European tour (once as an amateur), and hits the ball miles! 3 other picks that I think have a great chance are: Taylor Leon, Nicole Hage, and Briana Vega. Taylor just won the mini-tour even this past week closing with a 66 (we played the exact yardages), Nicole Hage has more talent than she realizes and was so close last year to earning full status she could taste it, and Bri has been on tour long enough that she’s just about fed up imaging herself back on the Futures Tour next year. So, how will my picks hold up? Watch live scoring next Wednesday at LPGA.

Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving!

Charlotte Campbell (aka Blingo Queen)

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