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A few weeks ago THP had the pleasure of testing and reviewing the work of Chris Jordan of Sunset Beach Putters. In our review, we highlighted the benefits and luxury of having a fully customized putter. While the process of creating a custom putter is a wonderful experience, for many it is a difficult investment to make. While a 100% milled putter may be out of your price range, Sunset Beach putters offers the benefits of a customizable putter packaged in the affordable cast Lux line. While the Lux line offers fewer customizable options, the quality of the Lux line cannot be compared to other products in its price point. The Lux line offers golfers an affordable option when crafting their putter without sacrificing quality and ensuring the highest production standards.

The Lux putters are available in four standard head designs, two of which are limited prototype runs. The Lux line is perfect for golfers who are used to head and hosel designs that are commonly offered among the larger manufactures. While the head and hosel designs are cast from a set mold, Sunset Beach offers golfers their choice of finish and customizable stamps. The Hackers Paradise was eager to get our hands on this model line and test Sunset’s cast model line.

We contacted Chris Jordan and he was thrilled to see that we were interested in reviewing this line. So much so that he sent over two putters and we received them with in a few days. Although I previously ordered a milled piece from them, the cast heads were extremely intriguing to me. They are made out of the same materials and process that companies like Ping has used in their putters for decades. Like mentioned previously, you can choose from a few different head types as well. But the kicker is the finishing. With so many to choose from, it again made it like we were creating our “perfect putter”. To top that off, we then get to stamp it with our own creative words such as our name, or anything else for that matter.

At first glance, we were quite impressed. They putters looked fabulous and they sent them over in two different finishes. The first is what SSB calls their “torched finish”. It looks very similar to the oil can look, but does not require the type of care. It is a very striking finish that stands out on the course. The second putter was the “standard silver” finish. But I can tell you there is nothing standard about this. It has shine in all the right places and looks very nice. The headcovers are standard with the LUX logo on them and they are available in multiple colors. At first glance, we were really stoked to get them out on to the course.

The first day we went out to the putting green and myself and two other golfers tried them out for about an hour. Once I was armed and putting with them it brought me back to the days of my first ever putter when I learned to play golf. That putter was a Ping Anser. I am not sure why exactly I was remembering that first flat stick. Maybe it was the look, or maybe it was the sound. But when I was using the LUX, that was the only thought in my head.

We all had a great time with these putters on the putting green and on the course for the next couple of days. Do we make more putts because of them? Probably not. But the fact that you can get a custom putter for this kind of price is almost insane. Most custom putters will cost anywhere from $300 and up based on how custom you want to get. With most hovering around the $500-$600 range (unless you get it from Sunset Beach). However with the LUX line you will be able to get a custom putter for less than $150. They start the pricing at $115 and it goes up very slightly from there. In our case when we figured out what we wanted as far as finish and stamping, we were still only at the $125 mark. That is truly an amazing feat based on the options and stamping involved.

Overall this is one of those things that is too good to be true. A putter can be purchased in your choice of head style. Your choice of finish. Can have your name or anything else stamped right into it in the colors of your choosing. And all of this can be had for less than just about any off the rack putters from the major companies. You can read all about this putter line as well as Sunset Beach’s premium milled putter line at Sunset Beach Putters. There is one more thing to add here though. As many of you know, the owner Chris Jordan is a member of our forum. He has said that he will offer a discount to any forum members off the low price already. So for readers of THP, you can have a custom putter for even less than that. Simply amazing!

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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