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When The Hackers Paradise held its Huge Putter Shoot Out last month, we received equipment in all shapes and sizes. With over 25 different putters tested by an independent panel of equipment testers, one putter stood out and won the honors of Best Looking. Do looks really matter in your putter? I was not entirely sure, so I was on a mission to find out if the “Best Looking” putter could work in my favor on the golf course. When the Shoot Out was complete, I asked the kind folks at Machine if we could hold onto one for a few rounds to do a review.

Machine M2A Converter Putters were created to improve upon a classic, traditional design, with new performance engineering and also add even more options for shape, alignment, weight and never before seen levels of customization and user-adjustment. Do you like traditional blade shape, but a longer sightline? The M2A Converter with Tongue-back flange may be just the ticket. Not sure if you want to putt with a Blade or Mallet? Now you can have either, or both, in the same putter! Mix and match materials, add width with a spacer, or add weight perfect for a Belly or even long putter. The Machine M2A Converter model with the FatBack flange option is what we had participate in our shoot out and what we will be speaking about for this review, however as mentioned, the custom options seem endless.

Back Flange Shape
(Blade, Tongue, FatBack, Nibble Back and more)
Alignment Mark Options
Base Head Material
Custom Weighting
Hosel Shape, Material and Specification Options
Custom Grind Options
Custom Stamps
Hand Hammered Peening
Custom Plating
Custom Finishes

From The Company:

MACHINE Putters & Grips are designed to offer advanced performance technologies, and unequaled personalization and customization options. Technologies include a roll- and feel-enhancing Vertical Mill Groove CNC milled face pattern; a convertible flange technology; transforming design technology; modular hosel technology; multiple adjustable weight technologies; multiple alignment technologies and many other advances and refinements designed to increase your performance and enjoyment of the game.

All MACHINE Putters & Grips incorporate classic and traditional design elements to make the putters look and feel comfortable, trustworthy and confidence inspiring. Dave Billings follows his CA2 design philosophy for clubs: no matter how innovative the technologies, the club should be “Clean At Address.”

Ultimate Customization has been a goal for Billings view of the MACHINE Putters & Grips for many years. This was born from the customer satisfaction for all the custom work Billings and his team provided on the HOG series, and work done for TOUR professionals who Billings has worked with, virtually all of whom have used custom versions of Billings’ designs. With the MACHINE Putters & Grips, customization once only available to the Pros is now available to you, and more!

As our readers know, we are less about technology and more about do things work around here, so we could not wait to get this one out on the greens and see what all the fuss was about. And even more than that, I wanted to find out if looks translate into performance. Armed with the Machine M2A Converter model with the FatBack flange option I set out to the putting green to give it some work for about an hour. Here are some things that I have to get out of the way before we go on.

1. The Putter Shoot Out testers were right, this is one of the nicest looking putters I have ever seen. The thought of having this say THP or have it in black are just so intriguing to me.

2. Pulling the headcover off, you see this beauty and get a sense of confidence like never before.

Speaking of the headcover, I do want to mention that we have a small complaint about theirs. Machine Putters are some of the most creative pieces of golf equipment we have ever seen. Obviously we are not alone in our assessment since they won the best looking putter, hands down. However the putter cover leaves a little to be desired. We would have liked to see a magnet or zipper rather than velcro without a doubt so that we do not have to fear scratching these works of art, but we also would like to see something that separates these from the others the same way their putters do. Maybe it is just me, but I would like to see something a little different.

On the putting green I was really enjoying myself. I had three different golfers ask me what kind of putter I was using and found myself being a “pitchman” for the company. While rolling putts I could tell I was actually smiling each time I set up to the ball. Deranged maybe. Even possibly scary. But when a putter makes you grin, you know you are on to something. Results were what is to be expected. The Machine M2A Converter model with the FatBack flange has all the characteristics to make up a great putter. The ball comes off the face rolling extremely well, the feel is incredibly soft, and the cosmetics…Well, you know how we feel about the way the putter stands aesthetically speaking.

Overall, I have played quite a few rounds with this putter now and while it is not a “magic putter” that sinks everything inside of 20 feet, it has all the tools to be one of the best putters on the market today. However what separates this club from everything else is the appearance. The phrase “one look and you are hooked” has never rung so true as it has for me with this club. While playing I found myself telling anybody that would listen that “I do not carry a putter anymore. I carry a piece of artwork.” Machine Putters truly has something special on their hands and we, here at THP, recommend each reader taking a look at the quality that is being put out by this company. For more information on the company and the styles that they make check out their website at Machine Putters. You will be glad that you did.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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  1. Jackson says:

    Whoa! Thse are very pretty.

  2. daniel says:

    SICK!!!! These are the nicest I have seen.

  3. MO_Hacker says:

    Beautiful putter, wish they made one in my price range.

  4. Gummi says:

    I love the Machine putters. They really are that amazing to roll the ball with, and it doesn’t hurt that they are gorgeous. The tinkerer in me is also attracted to the ability to manipulate its shape, weight and feel.

    It’s on my wish list.

  5. THE ECHO says:

    I have been checking everyday since the putter round up for this review. I love these putters and think I may have to give in and pick one up. Up until the the writeup last month, I had not heard of this before and what a pleasnt suprise.

  6. jonesy says:

    awesome right up. never seen these before but they look and sound great. plus judging by their site, they are in my neck of the woods. good stuff.

  7. birdieman says:

    Very interesting to hear about a company that I was not aware of. From the looks of things, I better become aware of them soon. Good stuff.

  8. RocketSauce says:

    those are GORGEOUS putters. i especially like those optional “metallic looking” grips they offer.

  9. puttingmaster says:

    Very interesting to see something like these. I am a Seemore guy and that is how I found this site. But these are very nice looking. Dying to try one.

  10. Smallville says:

    It IS a very good looking putter. I like the view from the rear the best. Unfortunately for me, it’s not the type of putter I like.

  11. Dave says:

    great putters, way to on the high side though… custom work really adds up, but if the shoe fits you have to pull the trigger

  12. the candidate says:

    Awesome review. Greatest looking putters I have seen. Good work.

  13. The Gasman says:

    Nice review, that thing looks great.

  14. jefffann says:

    Nice review..informative.Machine has some intriquing putters.

  15. 92Esquire says:

    I love the way they look and how customizable they are, but it’s beyond what I’m willing to shell out for a putter. Great quality I’m sure though.

  16. Jim says:

    BEST putters on the market!

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