MarkMender Green Repair Tool Review

Since the time of wooden shafts golfers have been using a forked tool to repair ball marks. The long prongs destroy the green’s delicate roots and the tool’s poor design encourages golfers to use it as a lever to lift and tear them further. THP’s readers know that few things bother them on a golf course more than people not fixing greens or doing it incorrectly. But sadly most people just do not know how to fix them properly.

The Mark Mender is a pocket-sized divot tool unlike anything you’ve ever seen. It repairs ugly ball marks with ease from a single squeeze. The prongs surround the ball mark, and pulls the turf together using the method prescribed by most experts. It virtually eliminates the ball mark damage. If it does not repair your ball marks faster and better, then give it a few more tries as you just haven’t gotten the hang of it yet. Each tool is made from either a space-age polymer or a high tech aluminum alloy. All of our MarkMender products are designed to last and withstand everyday use.

THP decided that they needed to give these a test run and figure out if the hype was worth it. I want to start off by saying a couple of things about the company. When we first contacted them to do a review, we did not hear anything back. We wanted to review this gadget so badly that we just ordered a few of them to give them a run. Since that time we have spoken to customer service numerous times and without them knowing about the review, they could not have been nicer. Friendly customer support each and every time we call. That is always a bonus with any item and starts us off on the right track. The tool is simple enough to use, simply go to the ball mark and drop it down and squeeze. It is that easy. Does it work? Better than anything I have tried before it. The design of this thing is flawless. It works perfectly but it also doubles and triples as other devices.

For you cigar smokers out there, the device clamps into the ground and makes a wonderful cigar holder.
Playing in the morning or after a rain? Don’t worry about your grips getting wet because just clamp it in the ground and rest the grips on it. As most THP readers hear, I play early in the morning. 7am usually and the grass is always wet, so this thing really helped me with that aspect. There are few things worse than trying to play with wet grips.
One thing that was a problem for me personally was that I like to play with nothing in my pockets. For some reason swinging with a ball in there or tees has always been an issue. If I put this in my pocket or had to, it would not have worked for me. Instead what I found is that it clips to your belt or belt loop and I never noticed it was there. In an effort of full disclosure. The 1st time I used it, I was unaware that I could clip it to my pants and was furious at this thing.

We let a couple of people at our club give it a try for a round. The first thing that they said was “it was fun”. While I did not experience joy using the product myself, I did get satisfaction when I saw the results and I am sure that the others were speaking of the same thing. Once you try the tool the first time you will get a sort of satisfaction because the green mark virtually disappears.

Each MarkMender comes with a magnet ball marker fixed to the side and their are quite a few choices. One thing to note is that we tested the MarkMender original which is plastic and has a MSRP of only $4.99. They also make a metal (different colors) Mark Mender for $9.99 that is even nicer. THP’s conclusion is that this is a MUST BUY accessory for any golfer. It fits our criteria:
1. It works better than anything else.
2. It is extremely affordable.
3. It works faster than anything else.
4. It does multiple things.

For more information, head over to MarkMender. They have a ton of information and some videos to show exactly how it works.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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