Matrix Flight System Preview

THP TV had a chance to speak with Matrix Shafts about their new flight system and the three shafts that make up that line. Black Tie, Red Tie and White Tie and how they fit the golfer.

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  • I do like that M3 Black! Wonder if it will end up in a certain driver for me this year?

  • Informative interview! I can’t do black but that white could be beastly in a low spin head. Nice that they now have a truly complete line to cover all launch profiles.

  • That was great to hear, couldn’t really make out what was being said at the show.

    Matrix makes a fantastic shaft. Having hit the White and Black, the Red makes me curious.

  • Very nice interview. I have hit both the White and Black Tie and think they are both a smooth feeling shaft. I agree with the mid/low launch of the Black but have not seen the high results with the White. Seeing much more of a mid with that shaft.

  • very nice. I have not hit the black tie yet, but I did hit the HD5 HD6 before and quite liked it. Hoping to give Matrix a go at some point this year.

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