Matrix SPEEDRULZ – THP Technology Interview

Next week a new shaft will hit the tour trailers from Matrix with the name SPEEDRULZ. THP was able to sit down and talk with the company to find out more about this unique shaft line and who it is geared towards.


THP: SPEED RULZ will be offered in three profiles, can you describe them for our readers?

Matrix: Absolutely, we distinguish the three profiles with the letter designations “A”, “B” and “C” Type. Before discussing what differentiates the three models, we would like to mention a material feature that binds the SPEED RULZ profiles together as a family. More specifically, we incorporate an ultra high modulus material further distinguished by its extremely high fiber (lower resin) content, helping to maximize feel and playability to all profiles within the SPEED RUL Z family.

In differentiating the three models, the “A Type” features a balanced and smooth EI profile providing great feel with corresponding stability in a more conventional, mid spinning, mid/high launching profile.

The “B Type” offers a Counterbalanced/Back weighted profile featuring mid spinning, mid launching playability for heavier heads and longer builds. The “B” type also features a consistently smooth EI profile that is slightly stiffer in the mid and butt sections.

The “C Type” features a lower spinning, Mid/Lower launching and extremely stable profile with a softer butt section, and more stout in the tip and mid sections. This particular profile has seen a good amount of success as a prototype winning four times on the PGA/EPGA Tours in 2015.


THP: We learned that each profile features what Matrix calls Mangsa material. What is it designed to do and is the material found anywhere else?

Matrix: “Mangsa” is a visual, cross weave material that is strategically positioned to enhance stability and hoop strength without adding unnecessary weight. Mangsa is a higher fiber/lower resin content material compared to more traditional “1k” or “3k” carbon cross weave materials that have been previously used in golf shaft applications. You could find “Mangsa” being used in other aerospace and military applications.

THP: This has what is called “double bias wrap” design, which is pretty technical. Can you share what that means to the golfer and what they will notice because of it?

Matrix: In general, a “bias” wrap refers to carbon fiber (pre preg) being wrapped at an angle, usually ~45 degrees, in the tip section of the shaft to control torque. Our double bias technique incorporates multiple bias wraps at different angles of orientation to fine tune the design intent from a torsional perspective providing extreme stability without feeling overly “boardy” at impact. Basically, you can really “go after it” without losing that important feel of stability through impact.


THP: Matrix has always had sharp looking shafts that stood out from the crowd, can you give us some thoughts on the graphics and aesthetic properties of the shafts?

Matrix: Our cosmetic design intent was to create a visual that accentuated the intended brand image and identity. Speed and Technology in a Premium package. With the Mangsa material and technology having the added benefit of being visible, we wanted to take advantage of that in our cosmetic presentation. The cosmetic treatment also features contrasting textures. The Mangsa section of the shaft with the decal overlay is helped by a glossier clear finish to enhance “depth” of the visual. The lower portion of the shaft features a “satin” clear, contrasting with the gloss above. We also offer a second color with the bottom half of the shaft being a fire engine red, all in gloss.

THP: The million dollar question our readers will want to know is when will it launch, where will it be available and what price range are golfers looking at for this premium product?

As mentioned before, some of these structures have already been in play on the PGA Tour during the 2015 season. We will officially launch the After Market cosmetic on October 12 at the Fry’s event, the first event of the 2016 PGA Tour season. A limited number of SPEED RULZ shafts will be made available in November of this year through our Authorized Dealer Network. We will officially launch this product in January at the PGA show. Street price for all three profiles will be $325.

Stay tuned to the THP Forum as there will be a full review done on this new line of shafts as well as some exciting contests to put SPEED RULZ directly in the hands of some lucky THPers.

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