Matt Kuchar & His Bridgestone Equipment

ITR is back with an all new episode this week as we talk with Bridgestone Golf about Matt Kuchar coming off a win at the Players Championship.

This Episode Features:
How did Matt Kuchar and Bridgestone partner up?
How does Kuch pick his golf ball?
What is unique about his Bridgestone equipment?
And much much more.

Join us for this episode of In the Rough w/ JB & GolferGal and let us know your thoughts. You can listen by clicking play right below, or download our episodes to play at a later date.

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  • Great show, some pretty interesting information on one of the nicest guy’s in golf. Thanks to Dan from Bridgestone Golf for joining THP for this mornings show. Interesting about the raw finish on Kuch’s iron’s, I’d like to hear a bit more about these AeroTech shafts.

  • Good to hear more about Matt and his relationship with Bridgestone. I was really glad to hear another person say Matt is exactly as you see him on TV. Interesting (to me at least), that Nick Price and other pros have worked so long with the ball fittings.

  • The more I hear about Kuchar, the more I like him. Sounds like a good man. Really intrigued to hear more about the shafts. Nice job on the interview and thank you Dan from Bridgestone for your insights!

  • Thanks again for another great show. Kuch is such a great spokesman for Bridgestone and I am proud to be a fellow “staffer” thanks to the Morgan Cup.

  • Great interview JB! I love that Kuch has his preferences and it made me chuckle that the raw finish is softer to him. Well, maybe I should try it!

  • Great players in a great golf course. Congratulations to the interview. I am so please to see these people who play well.

  • Thanks to Dan from Bridgestone Golf for being on the show! You can’t fake that smile of Matt’s – his “perma grin” is there through the ups & downs, he is just one happy dude.

    Very cool to hear about Matt’s involvement with the development of new product. So, how does your average consumer get that “raw” finish? 😀

    I would love to see Kuch get into that top echelon of golfers, he has one of those very repeatable swings and the mentality to stay up there.

    Great show!! Big time Kuch fan here.

  • Just finished listening, great show! Would live to see the j40s with a raw finish in person, very intrigued by those!

  • Another great show, very interesting that he plays his irons raw….as you said JB, with a full time caddy he doest have to worry about cleaning them….plus if they rusted he can get a new set built anytime he needs it.

    Kuch is up to #5 in the OWGR another win or so and he could take over #1

  • Kuch is one of my favorites. I love his demeanor and attitude. I hope he wins a lot more!

  • Cheering for him this week at the Open!

  • Great show. Interesting to hear Matt prefers the J40’s without the finish. I think Matt is one of the best players on tour when it comes to interacting with the fans.

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