Medicus Dual Hinge Driver Review

The Medicus seems almost like Urban Legend to some golfers. Everybody seems to have met someone that knew somebody that used one and made them a scratch golfer. It has been around for years and they supposedly have made the device better each and every time they released it. Medicus Golf now has a complete lineup of items for the golfer. From weighted clubs to hinged clubs, they feel as though they can fix your swing and your game.

One day while watching The Golf Channel I saw this add and of course myself like everyone else said this could fix every problem I have. Look what it did for the golfers using it in the commercial right? Well, Medicus Golf swears by their products so we decided to take one of them out for a test drive. Most amateurs have more trouble with the driver it seems, so we opted to try out the dual hinge driver.

The package arrived shortly, but I will say one thing about Medicus Golf. If you order one, do it via the internet. Because we did it via the phone and it was brutal. The ordering process went fine, but then they tried to sell us ninety more products, none of which we wanted. Finally I just said “We don’t want anything else.” But like I was explaining the driver arrived and with it came a putting tool that you hinge around your putter grip. I would like to review this, but ours was broken when it came. The driver though looked as described. It also comes with a wrench for the hinge and a dvd. The DVD seemed more like the infomercial than anything else. And about half way through it, we were bored to death. We already bought the thing, so time to take it for a test drive.

Off to the range we went. There were four of us, and man did we look like fools out there. First of all, the item comes with virtually NO written instructions. The DVD is the instructions or so they say. The only thing it tells us, is that you hold the club horizontally across your hand. If the hinge breaks, then you need to tighten it. Wow thanks, that was helpful. So the first go round, we apparently tightened it too much, because the thing never broke for any of us. Then we loosened it and got it to work “properly”. The device just did not work for us.

In our group of four, we have all types of golfers. We have handicaps ranging from scratch to 23 (0, 4, 12, & 23). The zero and four golfers had trouble hitting the ball after a few swings and really never hit more than one or two in a row before it broke again. The 12 and 23 never could. It got more frustrating then anything else. But that is only half the issue. The other major problem is the darn hinge kept becoming loose after using it for 10 swings or so. So we would have to fish out our little wrench it came with and tighten it. And of course be precise because too much and then hinge doesn’t do its job. And to top that off, there are two hinges to care for.

After an hour of play with this thing, all four of us were done. None of us learned anything from this driver other than if you slow your takeaway it doesn’t break. Wait, we did learn something. We learned how to use that little wrench really well. Other than that this device just did not work for us. We think that if someone has some serious time and some serious patience, then maybe it would work. But we feel you would be better off spending the money on lessons. The Medicus is available in both right handed and left handed for men. It is also available in right handed for women and juniors. The cost of this item is roughly $160.00. (4 payments of $39.95) You can read all about it or pick one up if you would like at Medicus.

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  • My boyfriend has a Medicus iron that he found in a golf store’s used section. All it’s taught me, I feel, is how to swing a Medicus iron. It takes finesse to not get it to break, sure, but I haven’t found it to translate to the course (and I’ve practiced with it for a while).

  • The moment I saw this advertised on TV, I thought it looked a frustrating gimmick. Rather than swinging it, I thought I’d end up throwing it (a long way down the practice range). Thanks for confirming my suspicions.

  • finally, an honest review! thank you!

  • An oldie but a goodie. The review, not the dual hinge driver!

  • It’s about time someone start calling out these snake oils salesman. I’ve never heard of anyone who bought a “fix my golf swing” device off of a TV info-mercial and came away happy. If you want to fix your golf swing do it the old fashion way, TAKE A LESSION!

  • I Know this is old, but just wanted to share my 2 cents. I bought the Medicus Driver and it has definetly helped my game. I agree that there should be a better/longer written version of the instructions, esp on the tension adjustments. I dont think this is a required item for most, but i went from shooting high 90s to low 100s to low 80s to low 90s. That was with both the putter and driver. All the Driver really helps with is making sure you have the club face squared during your entire backswing downswing and follow thru. kinda randomly typed but just wanted people to know that this helped me so it has the potential to help others.

  • I bought a Skilz version and I have never had to adjust the hinge. My wife loves it. I hate it.

  • Wished I had saw the review before I bought the skilz club ….

  • […] Swing Correction Clubs There is a huge selection of swing correction clubs from manufacturers like Medicus and Momentus. These swing correction clubs are usually a hinged driver or club-like device that “breaks” when you come out of alignment in your swing. These systems are very portable and do a good job of keeping your arms and hands where they need to be. They do not do anything to improve your core strength or your balance as they are primarily concerned with a pendulum motion. This is not consistent with most people’s swing mechanics. This product runs about $200. Here are some reviews (Click Here) […]

  • Remember, the Medicus Driver is just another tool in your bag, it is not a fix all. I work with many teaching pros who are having a great deal of success with their students using the Medicus Driver.

    There are some tension adjustments to be made to the dual hinges to match your level of golfer. The person who stated they didn’t receive any instructions with their Medicus Driver probably bought it from someone like eBay or Craigslist.

    If you buy from the medicus golf site(don’t call the 800 number or the operators will try and upsell you), not only will you get instructions on how to use, You also get over $150 worth of free gifts that builds on what you learn with this training aid.

  • Medicus Golf are taking unauthorized deductions from my credit card,please stop this scam,scum

  • I purchased a new Medicus ArmMaster a year ago for $15. As part of the purchase they encourage you to register on their site to get updates and free instructional videos. Little did I know, they start charging you $9.95 per month for the “free” instructional videos.

    I did some searching on the net and found quite a few others who had experienced the same thing. This is bad business practice and deceitful on the part of Medicus.

    I would encourage everyone to boycott their products as there are very good alternatives out there.

    I would love for someone from Medicus to comment on this post.

  • Ended up with a 5 iron in a used clubset i baught on craigslist. Not having heard of it before i gave it a try. In less than 20 minutes my swing had improved tramendously. So much so that i had the best round of my life the next day. I even managed a 100+ yard birdie.

    I just got my driver ( $23 on ebay ) in the other day and cant wait to try it. It takes patients but if you let the muscle memory translate to you regular clubs it can HELP, not fix all, but help.

    I know this is an old post but maybe this will be encouraging for someone.

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