Meet Your Captains – 2013 Ultimate Amateur Golf Event – The Morgan Cup

Entry submission deadline is getting close and soon the four teams that make up the Ultimate Amateur Golf Event will be filled with participants from all over the world. THP thought it would be a great chance to introduce you to your 4 captains that are heading each unit into battle.

Team Hackers – 2012 Defending Champions
Team Paradise
Team Albatross
Team DotCom

Team Hackers

Team Paradise

Team Albatross

Team DotCom

With the deadline coming up quickly, get your entries in and you could be participating in the 2013 Ultimate Amateur Golf Event. For details on how to enter, click here.

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  • Chunky – that was one of the greatest videos ever dude. You are the man.

    Jake – JakeNation will absolutely represent.

    Ryan – glad you got the call and I know you will do great.

    Dean – Think you’ll go great on this next go around. You guys were so close.

  • Great videos from 4 great THPers!!

  • Great videos each of you! Shows how great each captain is and that the correct choices were definitely made for the captain of each team.

  • Great videos guys. It’s easy to see how much you care about this event!

  • Great videos from all the amazing captains for MC 2013, where was a speach like that from Chunky at the 2012 celebration?!

  • these are great, well done guys

  • Nice job guys…guess Chunkt didn’t get the shirt and tie memo…hehe

  • some very good videos there. I think there is a great mix of captains this year. its going to be fun .

  • Awesome job by all the captains! Everyone, except for chunky lover felt the need to dress up for the forum. 🙂

    Captain Chunky had the wife and i cracking up throughout the video!

    Ryan – are you being paged? Haha

  • Amazing vids by all four captains.

  • Great Videos by all of the captains. there really isn’t a bad team to be on if you get picked ! You can tell by the videos why these guys were picked to be captains! Can’t wait for the MC2013

  • Capt Chunk, That was awesome!! I can’t wait to defend the title with you. And look forward to you leading Team Hacker’s to VICTORY!

    Jake, nice dude. you look handsome in a tie. LOL If I weren’t already be on the winning team for the next MC. I would follow you.

    Ryan, Dude you rocked volunteering last year. and I know you will rock being a CAPTAIN.

    Deano, Bro, you give great pep talks. So, again… See above ending comment for Jake… LOL

    Great Video’s guys! If that doesn’t change some of the fence riders minds, nothing will.

  • Great job team Captains getting the true meaning of the the Morgan Cup out there for all to see.

  • Great job with the videos guys

  • Great job by all these captains. Without a doubt this years MC will be bigger and better than ever.

  • Great job guys! I don’t think THP could ask for any better captains to represent the MC.

  • Enjoyed viewing all of the vids of the captians. Great passion from each of you.

  • Nice job by all the captains, they will all truly make us proud. What’s the matter Chunky, couldn’t dress up for the occasion!!! JK, but I love the ties by the rest of the group.

  • Excellent Kick Off Captains, going to be an exciting time for everyone on the forum. Even more so for the lucky few that are selected to join you!

  • Great work to my opposing captains, I am honored to be able to go through this experience with you guys! Let’s make the 2013 Morgan Cup the hands down best one EVER!

  • Nice way to start off the videos for Morgan Cup 2013. Good job by all the captains.

  • Fantastic videos guys!!!! Watching them got me very pumped up at the idea of joining any of the four of you in this incredible experience!

  • Chunky, great video brother.

  • Awesome videos guys. Just further cements the greatness of these 4 captains.

  • These vids are great guys. Some really inspiring stuff

  • Great intro’s. Interesting touch with the ties….

  • Great videos by all the captains. I’m partial to the captain for Team DotCom. Call me crazy;)

  • Excellent videos!!! I love that Chunky doesnt need a tie.

  • Just watched these again, and again I enjoyed watching the other 3 Captains with their videos. It’s going to be quite a journey over the next 10 or so months, looking forward to it gents!

  • Great videos gentlemen. THP certainly has four great, dedicated individuals as the Morgan Cup Captains.

  • Those were great! Chunky, were you looking at the white board behind the camera? Jake, are you looking forward to who’s gonna be on your team? Justin Leonard…remember! WE, that phone call was me looking for a spot on your team! Dean, I’m your Huckleberry! Great stuff everyone!

  • Great videos guys. I know you will all do a great job.
    I’m already throwing my support to JakeNation and Team Paradise.
    Go get ’em buddy !!

  • Great stuff guys , I am excited for you and this group of captains will do an Awesome job !
    Good Luck to all the participants in The 2013 Morgan Cup ./

  • Great job. 4 teams will be well captained.

  • Great job captains! You guys represent what this site and what The Morgan Cup is all about! The road too next July will be epic!

  • Great videos guys. I can’t wait to get back on THP on a more regular basis again, and that should be soon.

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