MEGA CONTEST: Aldila Rogue Platinum 130 and Limited Edition Corn Hole Set

It’s major week here on THP and we have a ridiculous contest for you right now courtesy of Aldila. The premium shaft maker has a red hot product that is hitting tour and we are giving one away but that is NOT all.

Recently we teamed up with Aldila to send out a handful of Rogue Platinum 130 shafts to THP Forum Members for review and they are raving about the product. You can read all of their feedback here.

While out at their offices this past week in Carlsbad, CA we came across an AWESOME Corn Hole setup that featured all of the Platinum 130 branding and is crazy rare. We are talking about only a couple ever made and one lucky THPer is going to win one of them along with a Rogue 130 Platinum shaft to drop into their driver. Early reports have it being used on the PGA Tour by a number of players and it’s increasing each week.

How to Enter
Entering is really easy but make sure you read through completely to cover all of your bonus entries should you choose.

Step 1: Leave a comment below with why you want the shaft and how cool the corn hole game is (don’t press submit yet, make sure you read below for bonus entries).

If you don’t want bonus entries, that is all you have to do. If you want some bonus entries read on, before you press submit on that comment because you are going to have to include your social media handles in your comment to get them.

Bonus Entries: 1 per social media outlet used
Twitter: Follow @THPGolf and @AldilaGolf and RT the Tweet from @THPGolf about this contest.

Facebook: Go to the THP Facebook Page and follow it, then share this contest post.

Instagram: Follow @THPGolf and @aldilagolf and like the post on THP Golf about this contest.

Step 2: Sit back and see if you are the big winner when we announce it on the THP Forum next week.

Don’t forget to check out all of the information about the new shaft at

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Entries must be submitted by Saturday, July 21, 2018.

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  • Would love to “Bomb” with this shaft on my new g400!
    And the ? hole set is dope to have by my pool!


  • My son loves playing corn hole. The shaft is probably too much for my game.

  • Would love the shaft to improve the long range game.. The corn hole set is awesome and would look good with a couple beers in a cooler next to it!

  • Just broke my shaft. This would be the perfect replacement. Who doesn’t want that sweet cornhole set?!

  • I love playing corn hole after a round of golf. this thing would be perfect for me and my backyard setup. I play an Aldila NV right now and its great, but the 130 sounds better.

  • Digging the color scheme and could always try a new shaft

  • Corn hole, a classic game that I have not played in a while come to think of it! This would be perfect for our family gathering coming up next month!
    This shaft sounds perfect, currently playing Kuro Kage DC XT in TX flex, and I want something counter-balanced for my G400 Max!

  • Big fan of corn hole and looking to build my golf set (just starting out) would love to represent

  • Would love to upgrade my stock shaft on my new cobra f8! These Cornhole boards look super slick and would be a great addition to my backyard escape, for when I’m not golfing ?

  • I would like to see if this Rogue upgrade can upgrade my game, and playing cornhole with the family too in this cool set.

  • Just started to play corn hole. Now I need my own.

  • I would love to have this shaft to help with distance and control. The game is cool.

  • Would love to test this out against my Elements and see if it could beat it out. Who doesn’t love corn hole? I would love to win that and put it to good use.

  • I love Aldila shafts and would love to play this one & cornhole is awesome. These boards are sweet.

  • Because Aldila shafts are the only way to go when looking for that deep ball!!

  • Just got a new set that needs a shaft upgrade. Ill rock this corn hole set

  • The shaft will help me to improve my game, make me look at other shafts to change my clubs to and it looks great.

    The cornhole set also looks incredible. By seeing and playing some games, my friends would envy and wonder what the brand is all about. This curiosity wiLL take them to the website and probably buy something(s) and spread the word on the brand and how much they love it…just like me!

  • Would love to try this shaft on my Epic. And who doesn’t enjoy playing a game of cornhole with family and friends???

  • Always looking to better my game! Love the bean bag toss game!

  • Would love to give the Aldila shaft a try, and see how it could help change my game.
    As for the corn hole….. having never played the game, I think the board looks pretty nifty. Even better would be learning to play the game on the custom piece!

  • Been looking for an upgrade to my current shaft for a few months. I would love to put this Aldila Rogue Platinum 130 in the bag.

    My friend never game my corn hole boards back….these would be amazing replacements!

  • I want that shaft because I am on the endless pursuit to find the perfect shaft for me and my swing, and this one just might be it. The cornhole game looks awesome. My kids love to play yard games so this is a perfect combo & would be great in the NutCave!

  • The shaft would be great to try, I have been struggling to find something that fits my swing and what I’m trying to do with the ball right now and it would be a Great time to test and go a different direction. Have never used a Aldila it’s time to! The corn hole game is just over-the-top it’s cool when manufactures add swag like this to their companies for golfers to give away or to sell it shows it’s not all about Golf it’s about having fun.
    rogt THP
    GolfHacker4Life Twitter
    GolfHacker4Life24 Instagram
    Roger Thenhaus. Facebook

  • Did someone say low launch low spin???? Yeah I’m down for that, because even I can bring ice on the golf ball off the tee from hitting it above the clouds even in this 100 degree Texas summer heat. So after I become the new long drive champion of my normal group with the shaft and take their money, i can double up on earnings from them by taking them to the bank on the home turf corn hole while having some sweet tea!

    Thank You THP For Everything Y’all Do!


  • I have Walmart clubs my friends have good clubs every time we go play they out drive me and play me but we still all have fun

  • Would love to game the Platinum 130, Need a low/low shaft and I love the Rogue in my 3Wood, would be great to try out in the driver.

    That cornhole set is amazing, will help to keep mind on golf during crazy Buffalo Bills tailgates when we cant play golf up here..

    Facebook: dj.griggs
    Twitter: @DanGriggs
    Instagram: dj.griggs

  • I would like the shaft for my wife, I believe she was fitted wrong. This would right that wrong. Thanks in advance.

  • I’d love to get my hands on this shaft after all the press on it – i think it would have a real shot of making the bag for a long time. And that corn hole set is just too good to pass up and nearly one of a kind. The weekly/monthly parties would love the addition of this set. @garycoad

  • I love my VS Proto 70X and I’m always up for trying a new shaft. I’ve never owned a cornhole setup and would be happy to have one around.

    I shared on Facebook “Jeremy Morris”.

  • Would love to try a new shaft and cornhole is a must have for get togethers!

  • Beautiful looking cornhole set! I could use a new shaft too.

  • I would love to win the Aldila Rogue Platinum 130 and Limited Edition Corn Hole Set! I used to game the 110 and it was an awesome shaft. I am sure this is even better. Plus I have been looking at buying a cornhole set anyway so what an added bonus that would be. Thanks for the contest.

    Facebook: aaronbarber
    Twitter: @AaronBarber2
    Instagram: aaronb4475

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