Men’s Hi –Tec CDT Pure Speed Golf Shoe Review

Golf shoes are often the most overlooked and undervalued piece of equipment we use for every shot when playing a round of golf. The importance of a stable platform and overall grip are paramount to your golf swing. The new CDT Pure Speed’s from Hi-Tec were put through a litany of tests as only this amateur golfer knows how.

About the Company
Hi-Tec Sports was founded in 1974 in the appropriately named village of Shoeburyness, in Essex, England. Our original success grew from the breakthrough design and development of Hi-Tec’s first ever shoe, the Hi-Tec Squash, specifically designed for the then fast growing game of squash. An industry benchmark then and now, few shoes in athletic footwear history have recorded unit sales of over 18 million pairs worldwide to date. The Hi-Tec Squash remains Britain’s all time best selling sports shoe model to this day.

It was not until 1982 that the Hi-Tec brand name and logo were globally launched as a result of our decision to become a major worldwide sports brand. The innovative, successful global development of our brand became a casebook study at the Harvard Business School. Today we are proud to report that there are over 500 Hi-Tec styles being commercialized throughout 80 countries world-wide, under the Hi-Tec Outdoor, Hi-Tec Court, Hi-Tec Golf, Hi-Tec Sport, Urban collections and Magnum brands. A whole family of great products for sports and footwear enthusiasts.

From the Company
The CDT Pure Speed mens golf shoe from Hi-Tec is distinctively designed to improve your golf game while keeping you comfortable on the golf course. Waterproofed, full grain leather keeps your feet dry in even the most difficult golfing conditions. Stabiliflex technology helps create a stable golf swing and gives you reassurance at the tee box. Give yourself comfort on the course and buy today.

The white, brown and black Pure Speeds I tested feature a full grain leather upper, soft textile lining and ion-mask™ waterproofing technology. The outsole of the shoe is equipped with the new CDT Cleats by Champ, TPU swing dams, roll bars and a wear bar. The styling of the shoe is of a classic saddleback shoe mixed with modern use of high technology and innovative materials.

Over a six week period I wore these shoes during 15 rounds and countless range sessions. Initially the shoes were very uncomfortable and too rigid; to the point they made my feet sore. After three rounds, they were broken in and a good comfortable shoe with no remnants of the soreness that came from the first few rounds.

An immense amount of technology and materials used on this shoe use acronyms that would make your head spin. The outsole of this shoe features at least ten different materials and they are very flexible and allow a great range of motion during a full swing and walking. The new CDT Cleats by Champ used on this shoe are very aggressive and one of the best cleats I’ve ever used. The cleats coupled with the flexibility of the shoe allow for a stable platform with zero slippage.

Hi-Tec’s award winning ion-mask enhanced technology is yet another star of this golf shoe. The process for applying the ion-mask waterproofing is highly efficient and uses minimal amounts of chemicals compared to traditional waterproofing methods. The process is activated at room temperature and is a solvent-less process making it one of the most climate friendly footwear technologies available.

I tested the shoes not only during several early morning rounds, but in full downpours and light drizzles. The dryness the shoes kept were some of the best I have worn. The shoes offer a 2 year waterproof warranty from the company.

The new CDT Pure Speeds from Hi-Tec live up to the company’s mission statement:
“Hi-Tec almost singularly focuses on developing attractive, comfortable, lightweight high-quality shoes at a fair “true value” price. We apply high technology build processes and leverage innovative materials to ensure the ultimate in comfort, whether your needs are performance-oriented, or more leisure wear centric.”

If I had given up on the shoes too early, I would not have experienced the benefits that come from owning a pair of these shoes. An excellent stable platform coupled with classic styling and innovative materials make this shoe a great addition to my growing shoe collection. Don’t overlook the Hi-Tec CDT Pure Speeds when searching for your next pair of shoes.

That’s it, I’m tucked in.

John Biggs

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