Men’s & Women’s Nike Apparel – 2011 Spring/Summer Line

I often ponder about golf fashion. It makes sense since golf, and more specifically golf apparel, is my life. But still, I often wonder will we hit a fashion plateau? Will there be a time where everything just starts to look the same and creativity and uniqueness come to a screeching halt? I have feared this golf fashion Armageddon and it sends me into a state of panic. Just when I feel a full blown panic attack coming on, a new season hits, and I instantly have relief. Because with each new season comes new styles, colors, patterns and designs and I quickly learn the end is no where near, and order is once again restored.

We recently received some pieces from Nike Golf from their 2011 spring/summer collection, and it was like an instant tranquilizer for my nerves. As I have come to learn, and love, Nike continues to reinvent themselves with new looks, bold patterns, state of the art tech materials and stunning color pallets. For the purpose of this review we will touch on a few pieces from both the men’s and women’s lines to give everyone a peak into the newest fashions by Nike Golf. We will start with the Men’s line.

Body Map Chest Stripe Polo

2011 Men’s Spring/Summer Line:


Bold, colorful, hip and classic all describe the look for the 2011 Spring/Summer line from Nike. The tops range from bright solid colors with creative designs to an array of stripes and color combinations. With so many great options being offered by Nike you can create a myriad of stylish looks for the course.

Nike sent three tops to showcase their spring summer line: Body Map Chest Stripe Polo, UV Bold Stripe Polo 2 and Aerographics Ultra Polo. All three feature Nike’s Dri-Fit technology allowing golfers to stay cool and dry even on the hottest days. The first two tops, as evident from their name description, feature a stripped design. The first one has the focus along the chest with pops of color and a thick stripe straight across while the second one has a full body stripe design with a white base and then stripes of gray, black, yellow and a hint of blue. You might recognize this shirt, it was worn by Lucas Glove for his final round at the Wells Fargo Championship where he walked away with the victory.

UV Bold Stripe Polo 2
Aerographics Ultra Polo

The third piece showcases the vibrant colors seen in this line. I have struggle to come with the exact description of the color but to the best of my ability I would say it’s red with a slight hint of pink or even orange to it. I guess you could say it’s a unique shade of red that is quite eye catching and pairs nicely with so many different skin tones. Unlike the stripe designs of the first two polos this one has a more subtle and subdued pattern in a blackish gray color. The design is well placed and looks great when worn.

The three tops we received range in price from $65-$70 and are available in sizes small to XXL. We found the 2011 line to run true to size.

Nike Tech Pants


Similar to the various styles we saw in the tops above, the bottoms vary in design as well. We received a pair of pants in dark gray (Nike Tech Pants) and a pair of shorts pale blue(Collection Pattern Short). The gray pants were surprisingly lightweight and is the perfect shade because both light and dark colored tops will match. The only thing we would change about these pants would be to add a slit at the bottom to help it fall a bit better around golf shoes.

Collection Pattern Short

The pale blue shorts have a few different patterns going on. The underlying pattern is a checkerboard of the pale blue and white. But then layered with that is a larger checkerboard of dark blue, and gray. It gives a slight plaid like illusion without actually having a plaid design. The four colors work beautifully together and it opens up a plethora of options for matching tops. These were also lightweight like the pants and both garments feature Nike Dri-Fit , moisture wicking, technology so you will always stay cool no matter what the temperature is outside.

The bottoms range in price from $65 to $80 and are available in sizes 30-42. In our experience we found these to run very true to size.

Ladies 2011 Spring/Summer Line:


Soft, sexy, subtle, playful and pretty all come to mind when I think about the ladies 2011 spring/summer collection from Nike Golf. To sample this season’s wears Nike sent over three tops for us to try out: Graphic Novelty Polo, Rugby Stripe Polo and Method Polo. Each piece is completely different from the next. However, they do have a common bond and that is with the Nike Dri-Fit, moisture wicking, technology. Just like we saw in the men’s line, these tops will keep the golfers cool and dry round after round.

Graphic Novelty Polo

With each shirt having it’s own unique identity I want to briefly touch on the individual pieces to highlight their features. The Graphic Novelty Polo fits it’s name quite well. If it weren’t for the collar one would not even think of this as a golf top. It has the most feminine, soft details that make it look more like a blouse then a golf polo, and that is why I absolutely love it. It is not quite a v-neck but at what would be considered the point at the bottom of the ‘V’ there is a lovely ribbon that can be tied into a bow for a very elegant, sweet appearance. There is also some light ruching and a slight underlying pattern that is not seen from afar but when you get up close adds a really nice touch and even more dimention. Overall, we really liked this top, however, we had one small complaint regarding sizing. Normally, I have found that with Nike women’s apparel I need to go a size smaller because everything runs just a little big, but with this top I needed two sizes smaller. Not a big deal by any means but something to keep in mind when looking at this particular garment.

Rugby Stripe Polo

The other two tops are more common of a typical golf polo, but when dealing with Nike apparel, there is nothing typical about them. The Rugby Stripe Polo has the most amazing slimming effect. It has thick colorful stripes at the top and then thinner two-toned stripes at the bottom. This draws the eyes to the top making that look bigger (which I know some of us girls love) and then creating a slimmer waistline as the eyes draw lower. It’s 64% cotton which might make it seem thick and heavy but it’s super lightweight and has almost a mesh-like feel to it which makes it extremely breathable and honestly feels great on the body; especially when the wind blows.

Method Polo

The Method Polo has a two toned look, which gave me some conflicting feelings. The color combination we received is pink and gray, and I love the two colors together but I just wasn’t sure how I felt about the way it was presented here. I paired this with a skort you will see below (Tech Skort) and after a few seconds looking in the mirror I decided I liked it. I really loved the way it fit me and I loved the placement of the Nike swoosh on the left chest. Just like the Rugby top, this one has a higher cotton percentage but it has that same lightweight feel to it and after two rounds in 90* Florida sun I stayed cool and dry the entire time. What I really enjoyed about this top was the fit around my arms. I don’t have overly large arms but sometimes I find golf tops with cuffed sleeves to be a little tight but not this one. I had plenty of breathing room so I didn’t look like the guy at the gym who is wearing a muscle shirt two sizes too small.

Overall, I was extremely happy with the items we sampled. If I had to choose I would say the Rugby Stripe Polo was my favorite, that slimming effect immediately sold me. As mentioned above I have always found Nike tops to run a bit big so for the last two tops I needed one size smaller but for that Novelty top I needed two sizes smaller. All three pieces retail for $65.

Tech Crop Pant


To match the above tops Nike sent two types of bottoms. We got their Tech Skort in light charcoal and Tech Crop Pant in white. I am officially obsessed with the Tech Crop Pant. Ever since we received them for review I have worn them on the golf course, out to dinner, out shopping, on a plane for a trip and everywhere else you can possibly think. They are by far one of the most comfortable pair of pants I have ever worn and they transform from day to night seamlessly. When I am not on the golf course and I am wearing them I love to tell people they are golf pants because no one believes me. Then when I am on the golf course they fit in perfectly and look amazing with any of the three tops above. They are crop pants, not capris and not knee length shorts so when you try them on be prepared for them to come just above your ankle. That’s how they are supposed to look and let me tell you they are awesome! They are super lightweight so even when it’s a little warm outside they are still extremely comfortable and will keep you cool. I honestly do not have one bad thing to say about these pants, expect that I need more of them, in every color.

Tech Skort

I also got many rounds in with the Tech Skort and it too did not disappoint. This has a new classic waist fit so it sits a bit lower on your waist then previous models. This was something I really liked because I always prefer my bottoms to sit right on my hips, or if nothing else at least below my belly button. I have weird issues with things touching my belly button, I know I am weird I have accepted that years ago. For someone looking for a mini skirt on the course this is not the bottom for you. This will fall a little above your knee, or if you are short like me, then almost to your knee. I actually prefer it this way so I was quite happy with the fit. Something else new is the zip pockets in the front. This is a great way to keep your items secure in your pockets so they don’t fall out when you bend over. Similar to the crop pants I honestly don’t have anything bad to say about this skort.

When it comes to bottoms I felt that Nike did an absolutely amazing job with their 2011 line. Like the tops I found them to run a size small so if you are looking to buy these items you might want to go one size down then you normally would. But hey, what girl doesn’t want to say they need a smaller size?

Outerwear & Headwear – Men’s & Women’s

As if the pieces discussed above weren’t enough we also have some matching outwear and headwear. The Nike Apres 18 1/2 Zip and Novelty Hat are great additions to the ladies outfits and the Tour Mesh Cap is great for either gender.

Novelty Hat


The 2011 spring/summer line from Nike Golf was just what the doctor ordered to calm my nerves of that golf fashion Armageddon. From head to toe (don’t forget Nike also has amazing footwear!) Nike has us golfers covered. This company has raised the bar yet again. To see all the new styles they have to offer be sure to check out their website at

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