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It has happened to each one of us. We have seen something in the store or tried something out and the first thing we say is “It’s Genius”. Then the next thought is “Why didn’t I think of that?”. That was exactly my thoughts when reviewing the Mibrella. There are a million golf umbrellas in the world, why is this one any different? We will cover all of that in this review, but it has 3 things that separate it from any other umbrella this reviewer has ever seen.

We spoke to the people at Mibrella, and they gave us a ton of information on the product and told us that a sample was on its way. After a couple of weeks it was dropped off and we were ready to give it a try. This product is very unique and when speaking with them we found ourselves kind of excited about an umbrella for the first time ever. Here is some information on the Mibrella from the company directly.

* mibrella is not round. It is asymmetrical – the shaft is placed forward, putting the golfer in the center for maximum coverage that is the equivalent of a 72” umbrella!
* Works exclusively with our revolutionary load-n-go, a patent-pending holder accessory that attaches to a golf cart. In between shots, golfers simply place the mibrella in the holder and go! No need to open, close and store!
* mibrella has a UV barrier that protects against the sun’s harmful rays, reduces glare and provides shade – golfers are comfortable even on hot, sunny days.
* Customizable – you choose colors and logo placement.
* mibrella is a “green grass” operations product, available only through golf course pro shops.
* The uniqueness and usefulness of the mibrella systemâ„¢ makes it excellent value for tournament tee gift budgets.

Earlier I mentioned that it had the three things that separate it from any umbrella and it does live up to the hype. First off, like the company mentioned, the umbrella is not round. But it is close enough to not look ridiculous. However by moving the shaft over, it works great for keeping yourself and your clubs dry at the same time. How I never thought of this, I have no idea, but it is absolutely brilliant. Second, the holder that holds the device onto a riding or pull cart is a blessing. In Florida it rains a lot but normally only for a few minutes. There really has never been a place on my cart to keep it open without trying to wedge it into my golf bag. The third thing that separates this is that it is seriously wind resistant. We had no issues with it at all and we were playing on a VERY WINDY day.

The product is brand new and is not available in stores, however will be available in pro shops only starting very soon. We do wish that the mibrella would be available online however it will be carried in pro shops only.

Suggested retail price will be announced soon. THP thinks that this product is a must have for anybody that plays golf in tough weather. For nothing more than sheer convenience it brings joy to us. A little innovation went a long way with this product and we are happy to say that sometimes it is the little things that work the best. You can read tons of info about this unique and clever accessory as well as watch a nice video about it at mibrella.com.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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