MISIG – Most Important Stretch in Golf Review

In the latest innovation to the exercising, stretching, and swing benefiting device stable, the MISIG or “Most Important Stretch in Golf” boasts a combination of beneficial flexibility movements and practical swing applications that, on paper, present itself to be an all-encompassing device for amateurs trying to improve their swing in more than one facet.  Simplicity in a simple to use, functional device that takes little to no time to prepare for use.

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Stretch, Swing, Exercise – Repeat. The MISIG, The Most Important Stretch in Golf, is a complete golf performance program that includes a Stretching Program, Swing Training Program and Exercise Program in one simple yet profound device. All for about the same price of a single golf lesson.

The MISIG helps you experience proper takeaway by keeping your elbow locked through extension, stretches and loosens muscles and tendons, and provides a better understanding of the proper mechanics of a golf swing. The results? Less injuries, stronger muscles, more consistency and better distance all while dramatically increasing degrees of backswing. Also the perfect exercise tool.

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How It Helps Your Game

  • By using the MISIG consistently, you’ll build strength quickly, improve your range of motion and develop a better golf swing by improving this key fundamental.
  • Hinges wrist properly.
  • Keeps elbow locked through extension.
  • Promotes an inside to out swing
  • Trains Proper Swing Mechanics.
  • Dramatically increase degrees of backswing.

Out of the Box

It takes very little thought to properly prepare the MISIG for use.  Out of the packaging includes a long bar, secondary grip that obviously slides into the bar, and numerous bands that (based on length) make it harder to stretch when connected to the arm strap.  Each band has metal hooks that close to avoid unnecessary disconnection from the unit, and once the proper band is connected, will stay that way until the user opts to change for a different band.

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The Three-In-One System

The MISIG device is applied in a three step program that is ‘guaranteed’ to work based on advertising.  First golfers can stretch, second they can swing, and third they can exercise.  To begin with the ‘stretch’ aspect, there does seem to be a relatively easy way of stretching while sending the device high and around the body.  Going in a slower and deliberate motion strains the maximum angle possible while allowing the body to hit that point of comfort.  For anyone seeking a quick solution for warming up before or after a round, the MISIG device would certainly accommodate.

The second element of the MISIG program is ‘swing’ and is intended to help lock the elbow, hinge the wrist, and develop a more consistent inside to out swing.  The locked elbow is an absolute reality when using MISIG, as the connection to the body with the strap is right above the elbow joint, making the break down much more difficult and leaving the arm quite straight throughout the swinging motion.  Most of the benefits to the swing come directly from the left arm, as the right arm extends upwards on the device to accommodate the rotational motion intended.

Finally, the device is intended to ‘exercise’ much of the upper torso, which includes the shoulders, back, and lateral muscles that need to be activated in a typical swing.  Golfers who are using the MISIG as an exercise element can maximize the experience by doing either high level reps on a band with limited resistance, or fewer reps with a band that makes them work substantially harder to extend completely throughout the swinging motion.

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Does it Work?

Every great idea comes with execution and relevance to the intended goal.  For the MISIG, there is a relatively fine line between properly introducing fundamental swing techniques and just another exercise aid.  While the left arm stays incredibly well connected to the swing, there is a major alteration in the right arm that departs from traditional swing mechanics in order to make the device work. 

With that said, the MISIG is an exceptional tool for stretching and exercising, and was utilized numerous times to prepare for a round, or more commonly, to build genuine strength or rotation by utilizing the device in a non-golf setting.  When applying a swing like motion to the MISIG, there is a genuine sensation of muscle activation and exhaustion depending on the amount of reps and band selected, which provides the most obvious feedback possible that the muscles are stretching and exercising.  Especially for off season flexibility retention and strength maintenance, this device will be extremely beneficial for all types of golfers.  This also includes transitioning it to the left handed experience to balance out the strength and motion.

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Parting Thoughts

There is a clear benefit to having the MISIG device, whether it draws directly from the potential improvements to flexibility or the overall improvements of swing muscles.  Having three band options promotes a comfortable resistance for all strengths, with a simple to install yet tough to remove (unless intended to) clasp system that will make the MISIG easier to travel with.  For more information on the Most Important Stretch In Golf, visit www.feelthestretch.com.

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