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When it comes to golf equipment, there are a few brands that stand out from the crowd and make most people do a double take. Miura Golf is definitely one of those brands and the thought of their equipment makes most avid golfers perk up and say “Wait, can I try that?”. Requests come in a lot for us to review equipment that is not your standard gear you will see at a Golf Store, so when we got the opportunity to review another item from Miura, we were excited and intrigued to say the least.

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About the Company
People are amazed that master craftsman Katsuhiro Miura, who is often referred to in the Japanese media as having the Hands of God, actually works hands-on in his factory every day. He passes down his knowledge and skills to his two sons, and even grinds the club heads himself as well. His endless quest for the perfect club has brought to the world over 10 series of Miura clubs, a number that continually grows as he continues his meticulous refinement. When golfers see a Miura club for the first time, and actually hold it in their hands, there is a common shared experience – LOVE at first sight. And like trying to define love, no words can seem to describe the absolute exhilaration one gets from swinging a Miura club, it is something that one needs to FEEL to discover.

Series 1957 Putters
From the Company
Japanese golf-club manufacturer Miura Golf-which has been making the world’s highest-quality forged irons for 43 years – announces the introduction of two putter models to its 2009 product line. Each putter will form part of Miura Golf’s Series 1957. Series 1957 will be a collection of Miura products which will reflect Mr. Miura’s commitment to producing the absolute finest golf equipment. 1957 represents the year in which Mr. Miura began his career in the golf business and his pursuit of the perfect set of irons. First off the line will be two new putters. The KM 350 is a classic Blade model while the MP 005 and MP 006 offer a traditional design familiar to most golfers. Miura’s Series 1957 putters confirm that it is possible to match looks with performance. Miura putters all undergo the same forging process as the Miura irons. Each model’s milled face is extremely forgiving resulting in unequaled feel and distance control. The forgiveness at impact also reduces skid, resulting in a truer roll of the ball. The Miura craftsmanship is evident in these new toe-weighted offset putters, which each feature a classic oiled-chrome finish that complements each putter’s soft visual features.

“The Series 1957 putters were designed for players seeking the very best,” says Katsuhiro Miura, Miura Golf Inc.’s 66-year-old founder and director of manufacturing and product development at his manufacturing facilities in Himeji, Japan.

“We’re very excited about these new putters,” says Miura Golf Vice President Bill Holowaty. “Katsuhiro Miura is a master craftsman and his putters are works of art that feature looks and technology that will boost confidence and help golfers feel the ball and roll their putts more smoothly and, consequently, improve their scores.”

The KM-350
For the purposes of this review THP got a chance to spend some time with the Miura KM-350 putter from this incredible series. There are many things that jump right out at you when you first take the headcover off of the Miura putter, but the one that I think stands out the most is Classic Elegance. The putter is in many ways a throwback in its aesthetics, but at the same time is filled with modern technology based on the years of experience crafting and designing equipment. The headshape is incredibly compact and the back (cavity) is completely void of markings. Something we thought we would not like, but in terms of this putter works extremely well. The sole of the club features the Miura logo and the “forged” stamping as well as the model number. The face of the putter is beautifully milled and is almost hypnotic like in the way it draws you into staring it at it. The finish is that of oiled chrome and just sparkles and catches the eye in a wonderful way that makes it stand out from the pack.

Hypnotic Trance

While looks make most people jump at a putter, performance is also a must and the Miura Series 1957 KM-350 has everything that I would want packed into this little beauty. The offset is slight, but it is there and the toe weighting feels different than just about any putter we have picked up. The weighting is slightly hefty for this little guy coming in at 350g, but it is so pure with each stroke, none of it matters at all. We could roll out hundreds of technical specs about this line, but the proof is in just one putt.

Lining up the ball and putting with the KM-350 offers a plush and ample feel that is soft and velvety and unlike just about any we have come across. Supple, smooth, and yet at the same time firm and full of feedback is the only way to describe this absolute work of art. Did we make more putts with this than others? Not really, but we had incredible feeling and looks of envy even on those that we missed. Something we do not see every day around THP testing.

With a price of around $399, this is not a putter or piece of equipment for everybody. Some may look at that price and walk a way immediately. Others may look at it and say “you get what you pay for” and be happy to have something that even the most discerning golfer envies. Either way, we can safely say that the Miura Series 1957 KM-350 is one of the finest putters we have ever tried. For more information on this or any of the other fine products that Miura offers, check out their website at

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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Josh is the Publisher of The Hackers Paradise and co-founder of THP Media with his wife Morgan Babbitt. Together they share a passion for golf, and they travel the country along with their two dogs in the THP Tour Van bringing their love and knowledge of the game to golfers everywhere.

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  1. Ryan says:

    Beautiful flat stick. Love the classic look to it.

  2. biggsy says:

    Great review JB. I know you loved this one from day one.

  3. tcalloway1 says:

    i love the simplicity in this putter, from the shape, to the color, to the lack of alignment aids, it just oozes class! nice write up, gorgeous flat stick. it was nice to learn a little bit about mr. muira as well.

  4. Smallville says:

    While I don’t like a huge putter head, this one seems just too small. Could just be the pics but seems tiny. I was surprised when I got to the price of this putter. I was expecting something much lower.

  5. Dave S says:

    Great review and love the pictures. This is a classic piece that I would love to have in my collection.

  6. myrtle beach guy says:

    I have been eyeing this one for the last 3 months and everytime I say no, I find a review that says how great it is. I come here for my reviews now and now you are really going to put a dent in my wallet.

  7. curtis strange fan says:

    It makes you wonder why more companies do not come out with classic looks and shape like this. I have the anser style of the Miura putters and the review is spot on in the feel department.

  8. One-T says:

    Great review, I like “getting to know” the smaller companies. I would love ot give this a roll

  9. thanks1974 says:

    This shape is very unique yet still maintains a traditional look

  10. MO_Hacker says:

    I love Miura clubs, I’d really like to see one of these in person as they look beautiful in the pictures. Price came in about where I expected it to be.

  11. Vince says:

    It`s probably forged from the finest steel but it looks a bit ordinary to me,old fashioned,and not particularly helpful in terms of MOI or alignment.Just my opinion.Not really a step forward in putter design.

  12. Jill Richard says:

    Beautiful pictures. Great Review. I like the classic design, reminds me of a putter I had in my youth Except mine didn’t cost that much – nor did it – I’m sure, play as well.

  13. Lee says:


  14. GQB says:

    Thought I’d leave some experienced feedback, even if it is a year after the original posting.
    I’ve been using this putter for the past 8 months, and it is without the greatest feel putter I’ve ever used.
    It feels like you’re rolling the ball with your hand. No other way to describe it.
    As for the size of the head, that could be a problem for some. While long puts are a dream with this stick, short ones can be trick since the small head turns over easily. I’ve finally fixed that with a fat grip, and going to left-hand low. Radical solution, I know, but owning this masterpiece makes it worthwhile.
    At the end of the day, its the archer, not the arrow, but there is something about the way this club melds with your arms and hands that is like something I’ve never experienced.
    Oh, small point. For this much $$, I thought the velcro on the gorgeous leather head cover was a tacky touch. So I excised it and replaced with 2 snaps.
    The ‘oohs’ never stop on the greens.

  15. modnie says:

    Valuable information. Lucky me I found your website accidentally, and I am shocked why this coincidence did not came about in advance! I bookmarked it.

  16. Jordan says:

    I have had one for about 9 months. That’s nine months which I have not used my Scotty Cameron studio, nor will I ever use it as long as I own this stick. It was mentioned above the feel is as close to rolling the ball by hand as actually rolling the ball by hand. No better way to describe it. This is the most amazingly perfect weighted putter. At address it is buttery in feel, giving the player a feel of response which keys more of your senses than just touch. It’s the type of putter which will elevate your game with enough practice on the greens. My only flaw was the price. In the US they say 399$ but here in canada it’s about 600$.

  17. Shaker says:

    And then came along the KZG ds2 for $299 !!

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