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This is not my first Miyazaki rodeo. In fact, when I think of Miyazaki, it brings me back to the very first THP gathering. Seventeen strangers coming together because of their bond and love of one thing: golf. It was at this outing that I was first introduced to Miyazaki shafts. I had unlimited range balls, a launch monitor, lots of time, and in the end, I left Florida with a driver shaft that performed for me like no other I had ever tried.

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Ironically, some two years later, I’m back in the Miyazaki saddle. The latest offering from SRI Sports is the Miyazaki Kusala Indigo series. Just like its predecessors in the Kusala family, it adorns artwork from Japanese artist, Kusala, and is aptly named after the base layer of coloring on the shaft. In this case, Indigo. I love my job here at THP. I have a bizarre fascination with golf equipment, and in particular with shafts. It’s quite remarkable to see how you can take a constant, like a driver head, and by simply plugging in a new shaft, witness a completely different shaped golf shot. It’s a beautiful blend of technology/science with coordination and athleticism. We’re all different as golfers in what we need off the tee. Some need higher launch, others need lower launch. Some like a heavier shaft, while others gravitate towards the increasing trend of ultra-light shafts. In the end, it’s about options for the consumer, and Miyazaki is definitely a class leader in that regard.

From SRI Sports:

Miyazaki Shafts are driven by the science and artistry of the golf swing. The shaft is the delivery vehicle of the modern golf club and Miyazaki places the highest premiums on performance, consistency, and effective fitting. Without optimized and consistent delivery of the clubhead to the ball, significant performance potential is lost with every impact. Miyazaki shafts designs and specifies shafts using a superior approach to quantifying the actual bending and torsional flex profile of each shaft. Each shaft has designed a proprietary International Flex Code™ fitting system which replaces the archaic specifications of frequency, kick point, and torque to give professional fitters and golfers alike a more detailed insight into the specifics of their current shaft and each shafts design. Miyazaki Shafts utilize the highest grade carbon-fiber materials available to produce innovative bending and torsional profiles geared toward specific player types. Each shaft is precisely constructed to some of the industry’s tightest tolerances to ensure consistent delivery characteristics on each and every shaft.

To say I was excited about seeing the Indigo series in person is a massive understatement. Personally, I am a big fan of the Kusala artwork that I had seen in the past, so I was excited in seeing what was in store for the Indigo series. Immediately I was drawn to the actual shaft color and not the Kusala art work. The Indigo color of the shaft was polarizing for me. It offers a level of depth and intrigue that is really difficult to explain. The color itself is so subtle, yet so beautifully deep, it really is hard to convey exactly what it looks like. Something I read during some of my research stuck out to me and it needs to be mentioned here. To me, it sums up what SRI is embracing with their Miyazaki shafts (aesthetically):

Miyazaki Shafts consider the golf swing one of the most artistic movements in all of sports.

What better way to truly embrace and enhance that mentality than to use these shafts as a canvas? I love it! Mostly because I completely agree with their statement. The golf swing is something that is personal, and every single one is different, and everyone is entitled to groom it, ignore it, improve it, disregard, or enhance it to whatever level they feel like. What I love about this series is that the originality of their designs is artistically expressed on the canvas of each series of shaft.

The Indigo seems to contain a combination of the inaugural series of designs to me. The Black, Silver, and Blue series Kusala’s were thematically based on three phases of fluids (vapor/water/ice). To me, the Indigo Series artwork represents a “shattering” of one of those forms (ice). There is very intricate details of whites and silvers which add some dimension and life to the deep Indigo base color. It really appeals to me on so many levels, but more importantly, I think the design caters to exactly how the Indigo Series performs.

My testing of the Kusala Indigo consisted of multiple range sessions and quite a few rounds of on course testing. I received the Miyazaki Indigo 56X and 61S for review. I paired the shafts with a Taylormade R9 460 driver (9.5*). Both Shafts were cut down to 45’’ as that’s my preferred length. The shafts come from Miyazaki at 47’’ so tipping (.335’’ tip dia) and butt trimming was required. One thing that immediately stuck out to me was how stout both felt when waggling the golf club. The 56X weighs in at 58 grams and has a constant International flex code of 7777, whereas the 61S weighs in at 62 grams and has a constant International flex code of 5555. It’s nearly impossible to tell the difference between the two shafts when holding the golf club but when swinging them it was extremely easy to tell the difference between the two.

Miyazaki claims that the Indigo is a “constant flex code shaft that balances flex across the shaft.” The Indigo series is a shaft that offers a low/mid ball flight and caters to an “aggressive swing.” Well, that’s precisely what these shafts gave me. The 56X definitely caters to the golfer who is pursuing a lower ball flight. I do believe that this shaft was a bit too stout for me, but for the right golfer there’s no doubt that this shaft can be a game changer. For once, a golfer can put themselves into a Xstiff shaft without heading in the direction of a 70-80 gram shaft. I can assure you that the 56X is stable throughout the swing, but my problem was that I had a tough time loading and unloading it. This is not a knock on the shaft at all, but I felt like the 7777 flex code was a bit much for me.

Where the 56X was a bit out of my league, the 61S was fantastic for me. A 62gram shaft, a constant stiff flex, a low/mid ball flight, and that Kusala feel that I am so fond of makes this shaft such a completely fulfilling driver shaft for my golf game. I like to implement my one word descriptions in my shaft reviews and the word that kept coming to me with this shaft was: ROUTINE. I never feared a high ball, I never feared that odd pull hook, and I felt like I could routinely get after the golf ball with this shaft. The confidence this shaft inspired in my game off the tee helped me increase the amount of fairways I’ve hit in the last two months. Does is make me automatic with the driver? No. Does it allow me to be a bit more aggressive off the tee without certain fears? Absolutely!

What a wonderful addition to the Kusala Series family of Miyazaki shafts. The Indigo Series is a stunning piece of art that not only enhances the aesthetic values of a driver shaft, but it enhances that “artistic movement” of a golf swing by providing golfers with a lower launching, lighter weight package, without sacrificing stability throughout the swing. Miyazaki’s catalog of shafts is impressive to say the least. With the addition of the Indigo Series, Miyazaki is increasing the precision of their already elite fitting system. For more information on the Indigo Series or other Miyazaki shafts, please visit:

Until next time,

Lucas C.

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  1. Cookie says:

    Nice review TC! Reading this just reaffirms that I really need to find out what my flex code is instead of just jumping from stock driver to stock driver hoping that it works better than the previous.

    It has been said that the shaft is the engine to the golf club and I am not sure if anyone does it as good as Miyazaki does. From multiple options in performance, to a standardized flex code, to aesthetics – they just seemed to cover all bases and this Kusala Indigo line is another great looking and performing shaft according to your review.

    Thanks for the write up which I also viewed as a knowledge sharing session.

  2. Chunkylover says:

    What a great review! I have zero questions because you covered everything. I think this shaft is too low launching for me but this review is going to help quite a few people get into the correct shaft. Great job TC!

  3. INgolfer says:

    Nice review, I need to get out and try these shafts. I have never tried a Miyazaki shaft and I really feel like I’m missing out.

  4. Ryan H. says:

    Very nice peice, Luke. Part of me thinks this wouldn’t be right for me at all, but then another part thinks that it could be very good in the right flex. I’ll definitely be looking for one of these in May. Appreciate all of the great info you gave us!

  5. war.eagle says:

    Great review! I have been loving the new shafts out of Miyazaki lately, they look great and flat out do work. Nice write up, appreciate the info!

  6. TheDue says:

    ” I have a bizarre fascination with golf equipment,” I’m with you brother. Great job on the review of a product that can very possibly be the biggest game changer in most peoples bag. Add how beautiful these shafts are and we have a real winner.

  7. yoccos says:

    Great review TC!!!! I loved the detail on the artwork and you definitely just put a new light on the golf swing. it really is like artwork. These shafts really are interesting and I can’t wait to put one through the paces.

  8. SW says:

    Great review TC. I know you were a fan of the Kasula Black, for you to find something that helps you improve over it speaks volumes to the quality.

  9. White Rhino says:

    Great job on the review Lucas! I love Miyazaki shafts and I am looking forward to my next opportunity to check this one out.

  10. damaikis says:

    Very solid, informative review TC! I’m really interested in the Miyazaki offerings and the international flex code intrigues me a ton! I’d love to get on a monitor with a bunch of different flex codes and see which works best for me! Thanks for the review!

  11. Dirtydawg67 says:

    Excellent review TC! These shafts are some of the best looking shafts out there. I’m not sure if I’m ready for a low launching shaft, but I can’t wait to give this some range time in May.

  12. Coolbreeze says:

    Great review TC. I’m looking forward to having an opportunity to hit these shafts and compare them to other great Miyazaki shafts I’ve hit.

  13. yorkem says:

    This is a fantastic review TC! I love the Miyazaki Shaft offerings, and they really seem to be putting out shafts that will work for all if you choose the right one. Great job buddy!

  14. Puttin4Bird says:

    Outstanding work on the review TC. Having that right shaft that lets you go after the shots without fear of the shaft holding up is priceless. I’m glad Miyazaki went in this direction with the Kusala shaft, it seems that they’re really offering a ton of great products right now, top to bottom I can’t think of many shaft companies with a lineup like Miyazaki. Thanks for the review!

  15. 9-Iron Man says:

    Enter ponder mode. I have what you would call an “aggressive” swing and have been fighting a high ball all year. Hmmm…. 🙂

    Solid review TC, hopefully I get the opportunity to try one of these one day!

  16. Sean says:

    Wow this could be the shaft I am look for! If the initial reviews of the Cleveland classic driver are correct and you put an indigo in it bombs away! I wonder if Cleveland will make the indigo available in the new clubs for 2012?

  17. d_in_la says:

    Great review – your description of the intended swing targets and how they worked for you really solidified the “single” flex idea for me. Nice job.

  18. royalwulff says:

    Great write up there TC! I am really looking forward to trying out this shaft and other of the Miyazaki line.

  19. DawgDaddy says:

    Great review TC, by reading it I am certain this shaft is wrong for me. I need a high launch shaft instead of the low launch model, that saves me time in having to research and determine if I need to try out this particular model. Thank you.

  20. Super Tuna says:

    Very nice run down TC. You’ve really hit the head on this one between the differences in the stiff and Xstiff profiles as well as the ability to be aggressive as much as you would like.
    Miyazaki’s finally brought a shaft with the Indigo that a aggressive swinger who doesn’t like high weight has something to use now.
    Personally I sort of wish they had made is a titch softer in the mid or butt, a 5445 or 4555 as it were for the 72G version. Would have made a excellent fairway shaft to compliment those that like the Black in a driver.

  21. One-T says:

    having seen you game this driver shaft I can tell why you like it. that was an awesomely done review!!

  22. 10YardDraw says:

    What a awesome review TC, very thorough and informative. Miyazaki is putting out some of the best shafts on the market and this one seems no different.

  23. omikey says:

    Nice review and well put together TC, Great Job !

    The more information I come across about the Miyaziki shaft, the more I want to get fitted for one. I’m sure they make one for my swing. Both of those shafts in your review are, imo, for the more aggressive player, and like you said, looking for a low/mid ball flight. I need/want a softer shaft and low kick point to launch it a bit higher, mid/high.

    Can’t wait until I find a place that can fit me for one !

  24. ghsace says:

    Very informative TC. Nice job. Looking forward to hearing more from Miyazaki in the future!

  25. Hanks says:

    Nice review TC! Miyazaki gets it…provide ample options for the consumers and a sense of brand loyalty will develop as you’ve shown with the Miyazaki line over the years. Well done buddy.

  26. Dr. Teeth says:

    GREAT REVIEW! I cannot wait to get the chance to test out this shaft at the demo day. I love the way you stated your thoughts on this shaft, Routine. That is exactly what every golfer is striving for in their game. It is amazing to have a driver shaft that you can fully trust to perform and to give you exactly what you are looking for. It looks like Miyasaki has done it again with this one!

  27. Paulo says:

    Great review TC. I know you were eager to try these out and I’m surprised at the X being just a bit too much for you, given the shafts you’ve been swinging with success recently. Sounds like the 5555 is a bit of a beauty for you though.

    These shafts are an interesting addition to the Miyazaki line for sure. Constant flex code still intrigues me, and I’d really like to get one in my hands with a flex code suited to me.

  28. DMB012 says:

    Great job TC! You really do a great job on telling the true story about the shafts and their performance.

  29. Checkered says:

    Thanks for the great review TC!! Very informative and thorough. The constant flex code is really interesting and with your thoughts on how they hold up to an aggressive swing really has me intrigued. Keep up the great work!

  30. ScipioAfricanis says:

    Good review but I think one thing you could add would be the specs for the shafts.

  31. TC says:

    Scipio-The specs of the shafts I tested are in the review. I tested the 56X with a flex code of 7777 and the 61S with a flex code of 5555. If you are interested in the specs of all the shafts available by Miyazaki then you can click on the link I provided in the review. Are there other specs you are interested in? I’m not sure I understand what’s lacking.

  32. Dav says:

    What are some if your #’s with your “gamer”? i like a shaft between x and s i cant decide between these two, jus that my SS is between 100 and 110–ish ballspeed being around 160 most times unless i am on.

  33. TC says:

    Hi Dav, thanks for the question. My current “gamer” of the two shafts reviewed is the 61S. My swing speed avg is around 111 mph, and with this shaft and a Taylormade R9 head (9.5*) I see a launch angle average of 14.2*, a ball speed average of 162 mph. I hope that helps.

  34. Dav says:

    I plan on getting one in next couple days for a razr fit 9.5 was planning on 44″ or 44.5″ since i cant test them personally i like the help. Is the 61s on the higher end of stiff and compared to RIP alpha-x how does x compare?

    Thanks any response may sway me one or the other way…. The stock stiff in rzr fit just cant hold up well when i step on it if i slow way down it is money..????

  35. Dav says:

    Ignore the ??? At end of that, dang phone…

  36. TC says:

    The 61S offer a constant flex code of 5555 is really nice. I don’t have a ton of experience with the RIP line, and what experience I do have is fairly positive. The ball flights were similar for me when comparing the two, but I’m not fond of the feel of the RIP’s at all. Way too boardy and rigid feeling for me. I think the beautiful thing about the Indigo Series is the constant flex. For me, it really assists in a stable shaft that one doesn’t have to depend too much on loading and unloading. I just found the S flex in the Indigo to be much more user friendly for me than the X flex. When hit well, the X flex was nice but more often than not, it was a bit too stout for me and I saw some hooks with it.

  37. TC says:

    LOL, no worries man.

  38. Dav says:

    Thanks TC for your input…. Decided to go with the Indigo 61S……i believe the torque matched with the Stiff will net better results ! Beautiful shafts if i absolutely lose my mind over this puppy, be back later to give my take on it

  39. Jeremy says:

    Has anyone compared this to the Aldila Rip’d NV or the orginal NV? I am very curious as to how they compare.


  40. Steven says:

    What grip matches best with the miyazaki kusala indigo shaft? Such odd colors, hard to visualize what would look best.

  41. CJ says:

    I went from the Aldila RIP 6 shaft in S to the Miyazaki Indego 5555 code and it is much more stable and consistent as far as ball flight and diversion off center. Much better shaft no question.

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