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Have you ever wondered what a shaft fitting looks like at a demo day? Well THP sent in one of its staff writers for the quick version with Miyazaki Shafts to find out if it would improve their golf game off the tee. If you are not aware of Miyazaki golf shafts, check out this review of the C. Kua line that the company has out for 2011.

Jason K went in for a fitting armed with only the knowledge of his current driver and the shaft he is currently playing in it. His goal was to increase his ball flight while not suffering ballooning of the golf ball. Despite the windy conditions, Jason was able to be properly fit for a shaft and all the while become more knowledgeable as to what to look for in future purchases.

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  1. mcook77 says:

    Some good knowledge in that video! Makes me realize even more that I need to go through a driver fitting.

  2. interlooper says:

    So that is what their shaft fitting process is like. Thanks for sharing the video… good editing to the important stuff too.

  3. ddec0418 says:

    great video! Even with the wind you can hear the process that the Miyazaki fitter was going through. Asking what you hit now and then moving from there to look at the numbers. I really liked hitting the Miyazaki shafts at the last outing, I’m hoping to put one in my bag in the future. I hope they launch their online shaft fitting soon.

  4. Puttin4Bird says:

    I’ve been anxiously awaiting this to go up, I love the opening of the video first of all, that is really cool! Secondly I really enjoyed going through this fitting and can’t thank Miyazaki and THP enough for the opportunity. Getting a drive to go 278 total with a ball speed of 152 is definitely something I’d take everyday.

  5. 9-Iron Man says:

    Thanks for the video Team THP!! Miyazaki sure knows what they’re doing when it comes to shaft fitting!

  6. Cg13 says:

    awesome intro! very nice. loved every minute of it – i cant wait to try some miyazaki shafts in my driver.

  7. hanks says:

    I was there for your fitting and seeing the science and the numbers behind a fitting is amazing to see first hand. dude you were bombing it!

  8. One-T says:

    Great video! That right there is proof that a proper fitting makes all the difference in the world

  9. Yoccos says:

    Love the video! Informative video and I know alot of us have really wanted to see how Miyazaki does their thing. Can’t wait to do one of these down the road.

  10. Flooder says:

    Very cool. Thanks for another great video!

  11. Coolbreeze says:

    Great video there, love to do a Miyazaki fitting someday soon.

  12. 10YardDraw says:

    That would be so fun, awesome video

  13. kellybo says:

    I was so lucky to get an outdoor fitting with a Cleveland rep. I hit several of the Cleveland drivers at different flexes and lofts until he fit me to the right one. My driver spin was all over the place with some of their drivers. Once he fit me to the SL290 at 10.5°, my driver spin was optimal for my swing speed and the ball flight and distance was really good. I’ve also witnessed several driver fittings at our demo day and was amazed at the differences a driver fitting can make for someone. I saw a couple guys try out the 12° and it added substantial distance to their drives. My son was fit to the TL310 and added 20 yards to his drive. I will never buy a driver without a fitting again. Makes a HUGE difference!

  14. Dr.Teeth says:

    Great video! I am really intrigued by these shafts. I would love to put a Miyasaki in my R11 and see how that works out. I think Miyasaki makes fantastic shafts.

  15. Paulo says:

    Awesome. Great video. I’d love to have the opportunity to get fit for a Miyazaki shaft like this.

  16. Chunkylover77 says:

    That is an great video. I wish there were demo days around me that included Miyazaki

  17. Robin Weckesser says:

    These shafts are awesome. I have a 39g R in TM Superfast Burner 10.5…..Love it!

  18. yorkem says:

    It seemed intereting, and I would love to go through a real shaft fitting. My real issue is that I just don’t feel that I know enough about different shafts to make a good decision.

  19. omikey says:

    I’m late to this party …. but this was a very educational video. I liked the process that the Miyazaki staff went through to fit Jason. The results clearly demonstrate that there are SIGNIFICANT reasons to be properly fitted with a shaft and face loft that match your swing.

    While I didn’t see the before numbers of what Jason replaced, but I’d be VERY VERY happy with end results like he and the Miyazaki staff achieved.

  20. DHill37 says:

    That’s very cool. I wondered how a shaft fitting would work. Can’t wait to get my driver fit at GolfTec next week.

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