Miyazaki Shafts – A Preview of Endless Possibilities

We get more questions each week about shaft technology than we do about any other product type on the market. Golfers in general are more confused by it than ever before, however they do know one thing. Technology can help them and when it comes to shafts, finding the right one is like a marriage that feels like the honeymoon everyday. This is where the problem comes into place for most consumers though. What flex to get? What about torque? What about kick point? Etc Etc….

THP has said for over a year that we would like a universal flex code to be developed so that the average golfer can have an easier time figuring out what would help them the most. The problem really lies with one general rule. “There are no rules”. One company’s stiff shaft could be another company’s regular shaft and so on and so on. That leaves the consumer puzzled and often playing equipment that just is not the right fit for their game.

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What if there was something new coming to the marketplace that was going to change the way we looked at shafts and could help the average consumer all the way up to the tour professional find their perfect shaft? It is called International Flex Code and it is being done by a new high end shaft coming to the market.


THP brought the initial news to you first and we have been working with these shafts for about a week now and all we can say is WOW! A high end shaft that can be perfectly fit for ANY GOLFER to improve their game. They will be coming to the marketplace in the next month and with every swing of our new driver, we are getting more excited. Why you ask?
As mentioned above Miyazaki has come to the marketplace with something called International Flex Code and every one of their new shafts is stamped with a code for fitting properly. Do you understand shaft torque? Kick point? Tip stiffness? You are not alone. Well this company is going to change that with this coding. Every shaft is broken down into 4 sections of 10 inches starting at the butt of the shaft. Each one of those sections will be assigned a number and the higher the number, the stiffer the area of the shaft. So if we took a code that read 6699 (making one up). It would be mid-stiff, mid-stiff, very stiff, very stiff from the butt to the tip.
Miyazaki sent us a few samples based on our conversations of what we like in a shaft, and while it is not a thorough fitting to find the perfect combination (flex code) for me, it is darn close and has completely changed my game. We will have more on this in our review coming up soon, but what we know right now is that you have a high end shaft, mixed with consumer and fitting friendly ease of use to make the ultimate combination of playability.

Stay Tuned for more coming soon and enjoy the pictures of what THP may just call the ULTIMATE SHAFT FOR 2010.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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  • I saw these in Vijay’s driver a few months back and love the look of them. I read that quite a few pros are switching as well. Jerry Kelly did too I think. The flex code is a very interesting idea that I would like to see catch on. Looking forward to the review.

  • Curious how these will work out. Looking forward to your review, because on paper they seem to have the perfect formula.

  • I will give them credit for one thing. They are really nice looking. Plus when I blew up the first picture, I like what I see with the flex code.

    I wish they made a white one. I love the look of white shafts.

  • You are correct, I’m confused almost every time by trying to fit myself to the correct shaft. Sometimes regular, sometimes stiff. Demo days help but, a universal flex code would be great.

  • Super interesting! Can anyone imagine playing a 0000 shaft? It’d be like attaching a driverhead to a piece of licorice. =)

  • I’m lost when it comes to shafts. Can’t wait for the review.

  • […] Looks With traditional stylings in the club head at setup, the golfing purists will be incredibly happy. With three models in the line, Cleveland has marked each on the sole showing the name 270, 290, or 310, signifying the weight of the driver. The Miyazaki C. Kua shaft shines of gold and really adds something incredible to the looks of the clubs. Each shaft is labeled clearly with the corresponding weight and flex, as well as the International Flex Code. You can read more about the International Flex Code that Miyazaki uses by clicking here. […]

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