Mizuno MX-200 Irons Review

Each year golfers around the world are quick to buy the latest drivers to try anything to be longer and straighter off the tee than they were the year before. However the exact opposite is the case with golfers and their buying of iron sets. It seems that most players will purchase a set of irons and stick with them for quite some time. That can really lead to great things, because as you get more comfortable with irons and ball striking, scores will come down in most cases. I am no different than the average consumer because when it comes to testing irons, I have always struggled with the aspect of comparing them to my “broken in” set that I love so much.

When it comes to irons, no company has the overall respect it seems that Mizuno garners. The fans of their clubs and the people that play them regularly all say the same thing. “They feel better than anything else out on the market”. For years I have heard this very thing and for years I have struggled with Mizuno irons. It was never anything against the product, but they just did not work for me. I suppose for something like “feel” the golfer should have some kind of “touch”, and I have NONE or at least that is the way I describe my golf game. However recently The Hackers Paradise had the chance to review the Mizuno MX-700 driver and we were pretty happy with the results. As a person that had struggled with Mizuno irons, I struggled even more with their driver offerings. But one swing with the Mizuno MX-700 and I knew one thing was for sure. I could not wait to get a chance and try some of their new irons.

The Mizuno MX-200 irons arrived at our offices shortly after the completion of that review and as you can see from the picture above, they are extremely nice looking. I kept commenting to the others around the office that they are too nice looking to be played. Obviously it was my poor attempt at humor because the rest of the staff was just dying to try these out. Here is what Mizuno says about the MX-200 irons:

The new MX-200 irons with Y-tune technology are a quantum leap forward in forgiving, game improvement irons with the added benefit of unmistakeable Grain Flow Forged feel. Y-Tune technology successfully extends and expands the sweet area of the clubface out towards the toe to deliver amazing forgiveness on mis-hits. Through the use of a reengineered external power bar and inner Y-shaped cavity pad, the MX-200s are tuned for unbelievable forgiveness, great trajectory, and amazing feel. Further enhancing the forgiveness of the MX-200 is a slightly larger clubhead and the creation of a super-deep, milled pocket that creates a lower, deeper center of gravity, and delivers an easy, high launch. The MX-200 irons with Y-Tune Technology are unmatched in the industry for game improvement forgiveness and solid forged feel.

Armed with the new set of irons three of us THP’ers went out to the range and grabbed a few large bags of range balls. Each one of us warmed up with our normal clubs before making the switch to these irons. We found ourselves singing praise and not caring if we were talking in the middle of someone’s backswing. Our initial thoughts were consistent on three points about this set.

1. Softness and forgiving in the same club is very unique.
2. Confidence at setup of the club based on looks.
3. Feel at impact is not to be reckoned with. You almost feel NOTHING. (when struck well)

The next day I decided to give them a full round trial in my normal Wednesday morning group. Seeing them in the bag still is something to behold. I have never been one of those golfers that needs “thin this, or thick that” and appearance in irons has never really been my thing. But these were just different. Each time I pulled one out of the bag, confidence set in that I did not have before. But my love affair with the looks only goes so far, they still have to perform. On the course they performed even better than expected. They have a higher launch than I was used to and I liked it. The deep “pocket” in the cavity really brings down the center of gravity and it almost feels like the club swings itself. It took me about 3 holes to dial in the distance I was gaining from these clubs (about 5 yards per iron) and then it was as if a different golfer was out there playing.

Shot after shot the Mizuno MX-200 irons delivered. When I mishit a shot there was very little distance lost and the ball still flew straight. But more importantly than all that, was the fact that feedback was there as if I was playing a “Player’s Iron”. I knew why I mishit it and where I mishit it, without the bad shot dispersion I would have had with my normal iron set. More than any other feature, that was one that I was blown away by. The round concluded and I was even more impressed with the irons than from the range session. A 35 on the back nine did not hurt things that is for sure.

Over the next two weeks I played these irons for 6 rounds and each day I came away more and more impressed. I felt like for the first time since playing golf I found the perfect harmony between forgiveness and feel. Some may have an issue with the slightly bigger club head and slightly thicker top line than that of a “Players Club” but I had no issue with that whatsoever. It was as if these clubs were created to be “the wife” to my golf swing. Using clubs like these became effortless with each swing and I finally “got it”. For years golfers have been telling me that Mizuno Irons “just feel different than other clubs”. But as I mentioned previously, they just did not work for me. Until Now. It clicked and I understood exactly what everybody had been telling me all this time.

Over the next two weeks we brought these irons out to a large public range to have players of all skill levels hit them. It is one thing to get my opinion but here at THP we like to get the opinions of others as well. We were able to get 16 people to give the MX-200’s a test drive. Each golfer was able to hit 20 balls with the Mizunos and compare them to their current setup. 14 of the 16 golfers preferred the Mizuno irons to what they were currently playing. The quotes we were getting were similar to our experience as well.

“Distance wise they are longer than my current setup”
“The club seems to swing itself and at impact its effortless”
“The ball gets up and I like the ball flight”

Overall the Mizuno MX-200 irons were better than advertised. As a golfer I am constantly searching for that feel that I remember getting with my first great shot I had ever hit about 20 years ago. The first time I struck these irons well it brought me back to that day. To find a game improvement iron that feels this good is something special and does not come around very often in the eyes of this reviewer. These irons are not perfect for every golfer out there, however if you are in the market for new irons, I strongly urge that you give the Mizuno MX-200 irons a try.
The set we reviewed came in 4-GW with S300 steel shafts and has a “street price” of $699. For more information on these irons such as shaft offerings, grips, and even a short video explaining much more, check out their website at Mizuno MX-200 Irons.

Till Next Time

Josh B

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